Kazakhstan celebrates its own Valentine’s Day Almaty and Astana are celebrating Kazakh St Valentine’s Day that will culminate in thousands of sky lanterns being sent up in the air.
15 апреля 2011
Reese Witherspoon weds for second time US Oscar-winning actress Reese Witherspoon on Saturday formally married her entertainment agent Jim Toth.
28 марта 2011
Young Jedi flock to Chile 'Star Wars' class "May the Force be with you," the former Tae Kwon Do and yoga instructor, now clad in the kimono-like robe of a Jedi, says.
27 марта 2011
PHOTO: All Stars festival kicked off in Almaty The 3-day festival featuring power-lifting, body-building, arm wrestling, body-fitness and street dance ‘battles’ kicked off in Almaty.
26 марта 2011
A kid revenges parents for banning computer An 8-year-old child in Semei revenged his parents for banning computer games.
18 марта 2011
The first hot drinks show opened in Astana The first international show Tea.Coffee.Cocoa-2011 opened in Astana
17 марта 2011
“Love for sex” penalized in Kyzylorda Road police in Kyzylorda started fining drivers with “I love sex” sign instead of plate numbers
17 марта 2011
Marc Jacobs: "Fashion is role-playing" Marc Jacob's fall-winter collection 'Hotel Vuitton'. Evening wear literally glittered "like constellations" in silver white, dark purple and black: return of chic with "welcome simplicity."
11 марта 2011
Restaurants in Astana Restaurants in Astana
09 марта 2011
Bayterek Tower, Astana, Kazakhstan Astana‐Bayterek Address: Left Bank, 1, Astana Tel.: 8 (7172) 340 835, 8 (7172) 241 688
09 марта 2011
Zhanar Nurbayeva to represent Kazakhstan at Miss Asia Pacific International 2011 18-year-old Ms. Zhanar Nurbayeva of Karaganda is first runner-up of the Miss Kazakhstan -2010 beauty pageant.
04 марта 2011
BMW crashed into horses in North Kazakhstan BMW driver run into a flock of horse crossing the road. The accident was caused by the absence of the horse wrangler and the driver’s overspeeding.
03 марта 2011 wins bowling championship among media outlets wins bowling championship among media outlets
02 марта 2011

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