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Mare's milk chocolate made in Belgium 18 апреля 2011, 14:49

A famous Belgian chocolatier David Maenhout made chocolate of mare's milk.
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Mare's milk chocolate made in Belgium Mare's milk chocolate made in Belgium
Chocolate can be made not only of cocoa, sugar and milk. It is made of mare's milk (called "kumys" in Kazakhstan) in Belgium. The author of an exotic dessert is a famous Belgian chocolatier David Maenhout, Express-K reports. Each choc is decorated with a horse image. The strong scent of the mare's milk is underscored by orange peel odor. An exclusive product impressed picky European consumers. The unusual delights are not left at the shelves of maestro Maenhout for long. “Chocolate and beer is Belgium's gift to the world,” said the chocolate master. “I opened my own production and shop in 2005 after studying chocolatier art.” David said that he always on the look out for new combinations of components to surprise his clients. “I can not stop thinking of new ideas,” he said. “My wife would be happy if I stopped experimenting and made classical chocolate. But I just can't stop!”
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