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French tourists spending 2 euro a day in Kazakhstan 18 апреля 2011, 14:18

French tourists Thierry Montagne and Killian Blaise touring the world on foot have arrived in Kazakhstan.
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Photo courtesy of Kazakhembassy.hu Photo courtesy of Kazakhembassy.hu
French tourists Thierry Montagne and Killian Blaise touring the world on foot arrived in Kazakhstan. French travelers are spending 2 euro a day in Kazakhstan, Caravan reports. Currently they are waiting for their Chinese visa in Almaty. They have already traveled through Zhezkazgan, Taraz, Aktau and Atyrau. It took them 10 months to get from Aktau to Almaty. The travelers say that it is cheap to travel on foot all over the world. The state borders are the only obstacles interrupting the free Frenchmen’s traveling. Waiting for the “visa passes” is the most boring part of their travelling, they say. According to the tourists, Kazakhstan is very safe to travel. “The main problem is lack of water. There isn’t much water in the steppe,” Killian said. The French travelers are planning to continue their expedition into China and then to the South-Eastern Asia, Australia, America and Africa. Thierry Montagne and Killian Blaise are carrying only the most necessary things: tents, mattresses, cooking pots and video cameras. They took to travelling the world in May 2008. In three years they’ve crossed 15 countries, including several European countries, Turkey, Georgia and Azerbaijan. Kazakhstan appeared on their travelling agenda by mere chance: the French travelers chose to avoid the risk of traveling through Iran.
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