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26.10.2014 14:46 Health
Medical specialists discussed Kazakhstan’s readiness for cadaveric donation both in legal and medical terms at New Vision of Transplantology press conference.
09.10.2014 18:35 Health
For the firs time, a kidney transplantation has been conducted in Kyzylorda.
04.10.2014 10:24 Science, Technologies
A 36-year-old Swede has become the world's first woman to give birth after receiving a womb transplant.
18.08.2014 20:28 Health
Over 2 thousand people require organ transplantation in Kazakhstan.
27.04.2014 13:45 Laws, Initiatives
Information on cadaveric donors in Kazakhstan will be confidential.
15.03.2014 14:16 Health
Creation of an electronic donor database is suggested as one of the major steps in developing deceased organ donation in Kazakhstan.
27.01.2014 15:44 Health
Nazarbayev University (NU) will focuses on tissue engineering.
21.01.2014 20:04 Health
The public opinion in Kazakhstan has been changing towards becoming more positive about transplantations from deceased donors.
21.01.2014 12:25 Health
We are looking forward to it and I think that we will have full capacity to make this surgery in 2014: Kazakhstan Vice-Minister of Health.
16.01.2014 11:33 Health
A liver transplantation surgery has been successfully made in Almaty’s municipal clinical hospital #7.
01.01.2014 18:40 Entertainment, Style
Countries all over the world have celebrated the New Year 2014 with spectacular fireworks and laser shows.
01.01.2014 18:01 Health
Over 80 Kazakhstan nationals received medical treatment abroad at the expense of the Healthcare Ministry of Kazakhstan in 2013.
29.11.2013 13:59 Health
American surgeon Oscar Frazier M.D. gave high praise to the professional level of Kazakhstan surgeons.
08.10.2013 14:10 Science, Technologies
A trio of American scientists won the Nobel Prize for Medicine on Monday for pioneering work on the body's cell transport system.
17.09.2013 15:03 Health
Emergency organ transplantation without notification of the patient’s families, in case they are not immediately available, may be put into a law in Kazakhstan.
13.08.2013 15:16 Health
Kazakhstan Healthcare Ministry is working on a common registrar of donors, recipients and persons awaiting transplantation.
12.08.2013 17:14 Health
Kazakhstan is experiencing a deficit of donor organs same as most countries around the world as well: Ministry.
08.08.2013 13:06 Health
Bone Marrow Transplantation Department of the State Scientific Center of Emergency Medicine in Astana is planning to get an international accreditation.
12.07.2013 18:23 Health
Transplantation to four patients from one donor was made in Syzganov National Scientific Surgery Center in Almaty for the first time in Kazakhstan.
06.06.2013 15:00 Health
A US judge ordered Wednesday that a dying 10-year-old be transferred to an adult waiting list for a lung transplant, said a lawmaker who has been lobbying for the girl.
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