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Kazakhstan leads Central Asia by number of multi-millionaires 03 декабря 2012, 16:47

Kazakhstan is rankedf irst among Central Asian countries by the number of people with fortunes exceeding $30 million.
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©REUTERS/Amr Dalsh ©REUTERS/Amr Dalsh
Kazakhstan is number one among Central Asian countries by the number of people whose fortunes exceed $30 million, Kursiv writes citing the World Ultra Wealth Report . According to the foreign experts, 140 multi-millionaires have resided in Kazakhstan in 2012 and their total wealth reached $20 billion. Compared to last year, the number of rich people went 9.7 percent down and their wealth decreased by 20 percent. Uzbekistan is rated second in the list. This country has 80 super-rich people owning the total of $12 billion. Compared to last year, this value has increased in 2012. There were 75 multi-millionaires with $11 billion in Uzbekistan in 2011. Uzbekistan is followed by Azerbaijan with 60 super-rich people and their total wealth of $9 billion, Mongolia and Tajikistan with 49 multi-millionaires with $6 billion in each country. 95 people with wealth of $30 million and higher live in other Central Asian countries.

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