4000 trees to be cut because of new road junctions in Almaty About 3900 trees will be cut because of construction of six new road junctions in Almaty.
16 марта 2012
Almaty will see more flowers this summer Flower beds will cover 190 square meters of Almaty city this summer.
01 марта 2012
Aktau is infested by bedbugs Heavy surge of bed bugs have been recorded in Aktau.
24 февраля 2012
-33 degrees centigrade frost looming over northern and central Kazakhstan Frosts of minus 33 degree centigrade are expected in north and central Kazakhsta.
21 февраля 2012
1,500 of shabby houses are beyond repair in Almaty 1,500 of shabby houses are beyond repair and to be demolished, Mayor of the city says.
21 февраля 2012
Environment Minister on ecological problems of Kazakhstan Kazakhstan Minister of Environment told about Kazakhstan’s ecological problems at the meeting with non-government organizations.
17 февраля 2012
Kazakhstan ecologists object to nuclear plant in Aktau Considering the unstable situation in Iran, construction of the nuclear power plant in this region could have grave consequences: Ecologist.
17 февраля 2012
Kazakhstan makes a step to restore tigers The Ili River estuary and the Southern part of Balkhash lake were included into the Wetland of International Importance List.
15 февраля 2012
Oceanarium could be constructed at Sayran lake in Almaty An oceanarium will be built at Sayran lake in Almaty, Mayor of the city Akmetzhan Yessimov said.
13 февраля 2012
A possible oil spill at Kashagan could be compared to the Mexican Gulf disaster: Environment Minister The oilfield lies some 4,200 meters below the shallow waters of the northern part of the Caspian Sea and is highly pressured (770 bar of initial pressure).
10 февраля 2012
Kazakhstan government to discuss ecological situation of industrial cities Kazakhstan government will hold a meeting on the ecological situation of the industrial cities of Kazakhstan.
01 февраля 2012
Ecologists explained smog over Astana A mixture of smoke, fog and dust has been in the capital's air for days.
25 января 2012
Wolves are advancing on Turkestan Wolves started attacking people and cattle in Turkestan, a city in South Kazakhstan oblast , frightening local citizens.
18 января 2012
Air Astana against EU carbon charges The European Union has imposed a charge on carbon emissions from January 1.
11 января 2012
Apple trees from Kazakhstan were planted in Manhattan 50 apple trees from Kazakhstan were planted in Randall Island that is a part of Manhattan, New York.
14 декабря 2011
Air temperature to rise 5 degrees in 10 years in Kazakhstan Air temperature has risen 0.8-1.3 degrees in the last 100 years in Kazakhstan, according to Kazakh Meteorological Service data.
09 ноября 2011
Cyanides in river pose threat for citizens of East Kazakhstan Cyanides in the Sekissovka River in East Kazakhstan could be deadly for local fauna and residents: Yeleussizov.
03 ноября 2011
Climate change may cause financial crisis in Central Asia Scientists have concluded that the climate may have a direct effect on the economic situation in Central Asia.
02 ноября 2011
Toxic waste spilled into east Kazakhstan river Water intake area was polluted after an emergency dumping of toxic wastes from a gold plant in East Kazakhstan Oblast.
02 ноября 2011
Insects from Kazakhstan to help Australia save millions of dollars An insect called ichneumon fly (Mastrus Wasp) could help Australia save millions of dollars.
30 октября 2011

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