Tongan wreck may be pirate treasure ship: official Divers in Tonga have discovered a shipwreck believed to be a pirate vessel that folklore says sank in the 19th century with a hold full of treasure, officials in the Pacific nation said Thursday.
09 августа 2012
World's oldest hippo dies at 62 Donna, believed to be the world's oldest hippo, has died at the age of 62 after living more than two decades beyond the massive mammal's usual life expectancy, zoo officials said.
04 августа 2012
Mother knows best: finches choose chicks' gender Female parrot finches can match their offspring's gender to prevailing living conditions, producing more sons in lean times, scientists in Australia said Wednesday.
02 августа 2012
Turkmenistan to plant huge forest in Aral Sea region Turkmenistan is allocating tens of millions of dollars to plant trees in a region neighbouring the stricken Aral Sea, state newspaper Neutral Turkmenistan said Tuesday.
01 августа 2012
Climate change prompts French ski area to mull downsize A modest ski area in the French Alps is ready to unbolt its chairlifts and rope off slopes as the local mayor concludes that climate change means the trails ahead will be rocky.
01 августа 2012
Rescued sperm whale dies in Indonesia A sperm whale that was rescued and returned to sea after being stranded for four days in shallow waters off the coast of West Java in Indonesia has died, a rescuer said Monday.
31 июля 2012
Astana covered with smoke from Russian wildfires This is called an atmospheric mist. Our neighbors in Russia have huge wildfires: Expert.
30 июля 2012
Author of US fracking study had gas industry ties: watchdog A university study that claimed fracking for gas deep beneath the Earth's surface did not cause water contamination was led by a US professor with financial ties to the gas industry.
29 июля 2012
Sea rise threatens 'paradise' Down Under When Elaine Pearce left Sydney for the seaside peace of Old Bar 12 years ago she was assured her new house was a solid investment, with a century's worth of frontage to guard against erosion.
27 июля 2012
Mexico to vaccinate 10 million birds in flu outbreak Mexico will start vaccinating some 10 million poultry Thursday against the highly contagious bird flu strain that has already led to the deaths of five million birds which either fell ill or were slaughtered.
27 июля 2012
Asia fuels record elephant, rhino killings: WWF China, Vietnam and Thailand are among the worst offenders in fuelling a global black market that is seeing record numbers of elephants and rhinos killed in Africa.
24 июля 2012
16,000 trees and bushes planted in Almaty in 2012 Almaty Akimat (city authorities) is implementing a vegetation rejuvenation plan.
23 июля 2012
Massive iceberg breaks off Greenland glacier A massive iceberg twice the size of Manhattan has broken off of a glacier in Greenland, according to NASA satellite imagery, in what could be the latest indication of global warming.
20 июля 2012
Sleeping Australian teen in dingo incident An Australian teenager told Wednesday of her sleeping bag being torn off by a dingo as she slept at a campsite, weeks after a landmark ruling that a baby was snatched in 1980 by one of the wild dogs.
19 июля 2012
Sri Lankans baptise new fish genus for atheist Dawkins Sri Lankan scientists have identified a new genus of fresh water fish and named it after the evolutionary biologist and renowned atheist Richard Dawkins.
17 июля 2012
Kazakhstan Agriculture Ministry to bring population of saiga to half a million Kazakhstan Ministry of Agriculture is planning to raise the population of saiga antelopes to half a million in Kazakhstan.
16 июля 2012
LA bear who became Twitter star back in wild A bear which became a minor star in Los Angeles, with over 24,000 Twitter followers, was returned to the wild Sunday after being found asleep in a tree.
16 июля 2012
Saiga population increased by one third in Kazakhstan Saiga antelopes population has increased by more than one third in Kazakhstan in two years.
13 июля 2012
Residents’ private transport кesponsible for major part of Almaty air pollution 80% of air pollution falls on private vehicles in Almaty.
12 июля 2012
South Korea to start 'scientific' whaling South Korea said Wednesday that it planned to start whaling through a loophole that allows the killing of whales for scientific research, following the lead of Japan's controversial expeditions.
06 июля 2012

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