Over $1 million to be spent on tree planting in Almaty Mass tree planting started in Almaty.
17 октября 2011
Two Kazakhstan monuments might be included into UNESCO Heritage List Kazakhstan scientists are suggesting to include two architectural monuments located in Kazakhstan into the UNESCO World Heritage List.
14 октября 2011
Extinct steppe cheetah was found in Aral An extinct steppe cheetah has been seen in a desert near the Aral Sea.
05 октября 2011
Radiation monitoring stations to appear in Kazakhstan by 2015 Autonomous radiation stations are planned to be installed in Kazakhstan by 2015.
30 сентября 2011
Kazakhstan is a new chair of CIS Intergovernment Hydrometeorology Council 23rd session of the CIS Intergovernment Hydrometeorology Council started in Astana on September 28.
29 сентября 2011
Rats occupied Astana Rats population has increased significantly in Astana.
27 сентября 2011
National Security Committee asked to prevent disposal of arsenic-containing waste at Zyryanovsk Members of the public monitoring group on implementation of Kazzinc project on disposal of arsenic-containing waste at Zyryanovsk tailing dump sent a request to the Department of National Security Committee of East Kazakhstan asking to prevent implementation of this project.
05 сентября 2011
Almaty has enough mountain water for 50 more years Water deficiency is not expected in Almaty in the coming decades.
26 августа 2011
Aktobe attacked by destructive insects Hordes of elm leaf beetlesattacked Aktobe.
16 августа 2011
The Caspian Sea got on the list of “irreplaceable” ecosystems of the world The list also includes Lake Baikal, Hawaii, the Galapagos Islands, the Amazon River basin, the Mediterranean Sea, the Yangdze, Indus and Gang Rivers, San Felix and Juan Fernández islands and the Kerguelen Archipelago.
03 августа 2011
Kashagan operator fined $1.3 million for ecological violations North Caspian Operating Company (NCOC) was fined 200 million tenge ($1.3 million) for ecological violations.
24 июня 2011
Wind and solar energy share to reach 3% in Kazakhstan Minister of Environmental Protection Nurgali Ashim speaks about Kazakhstan's strive to develop alternative energy sources.
12 июня 2011
Kazakhstan planning to decrease emmissions into the atmosphere Kazakhstan Environmental Protection Minister called to tightening ecological requirements to companies.
12 июня 2011
Massive oil lake appeared in Aktobe An oil lake appeared in the city of Aktobe. It may burst into flame any moment.
11 июня 2011
Adai horses win the race Kazakhstan presented a new breed, Adai horses, at the international arena for the first time.
23 мая 2011
PHOTO: Almaty windstorm consequences is an ecological catastrophe I don't remember such a storm in Almaty: Mels Yeleussizov.
20 мая 2011
Saker falcons from UAE released in Kazakhstan 50 saker falcons were released in East Kazakhstan oblast.
17 мая 2011
East Kazakhstan oblast tagged most polluted in Kazakhstan East Kazakhstan oblast has been tagged the most polluted region of Kazakhstan.
15 мая 2011
Seals die in Mangistau oblast 12 dead seals were found at the Caspian shore in Mangistau oblast.
11 мая 2011
Radiation dump discovered in Aktobe oblast Excessive radiation background was discovered in Aktobe oblast.
10 мая 2011

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