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Giraffe calf born in Almaty Zoo 18 января 2013, 14:30

The newborn calf was named Khan Tengri.
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©Vladimir Prokopenko ©Vladimir Prokopenko
Giraffe calf was born in Almaty Zoo, Tengrinews.kz reports, referring to Almaty Zoo’s press-service. The addition in giraffes’ family happened on November 22, 2012. Father giraffe’s name is Khan and mother’s name is Grace. According to Yergali Bekkulov, deputy director of the Zoo, the calf was born with normal characteristics: he was 1.8-meters tall and weighted about 50 kilograms. The newborn calf was named Khan Tengri. At present Khan Tengri lives with his mother and is feeding on his mother’s milk. There is a belief that giraffe calves fall from the height of two meters and if they fall successfully than they survive. Our calf has fallen well,” Bekkulov said. He also said that on average giraffes propagate kind once in two years and their pregnancy lasts for 14-15 months. Seven giraffe calves were born in Almaty Zoo since 2004. The administration of the Zoo has exchanged some of them for other animals from Kaliningrad, Shymkent and Aktobe Zoos. It is planned that the newborn Khan Tengri will also travel abroad to another Zoo in future. Earlier a zebra calf was born in Almaty Zoo on December 4, 2012. It was named after the 2012 London Olympic Games weightlifting champion Maya Maneza of Kazakhstan. The Zoo's administration also named a baby lama, born on August 3, after Kazakhstan’s Olympic weightlifting champion Svetlana Podobedova, because the champion won gold exactly on August 3, 2012. However, the zoo keepers have decided not to name any more newborn animals after famous athletes. “There were a lot of speculations on the Internet and sometimes they were quite harsh. That’s why we decided to stop this. I don’t want young animals to get harmed of our athletes to feel uncomfortable because of these comments. Nobody likes negative comments,” Zhanat Yestayev, director of the Zoo, said. The director said that he doesn’t want to make a sensation out of the baby giraffe. “We have named him Khan Tengri and he will grow up with this name and become a healthy animal,” Yestayev said. Although the director of the Zoo added that if any champions or other celebrities wished to give his/her name to any newborn animal, Akmaty Zoo would be ready to consider their offers.

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