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Three police officers fell victims to suicide bomber 12 ноября 2011, 23:04

Ministry of Internal Affiars has finally given an official version of the events in Taraz.
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©Igor Nesterov/lada.kz ©Igor Nesterov/lada.kz
The Minister of Internal Affairs of Kazakhstan has commented todays tragic events in the southern city of Taraz, Tengrinews.kz reports. “On November 12 an unknown person broke into an arms shop in Taraz city killing a guard in process and wounding one more person. He carried off two Saiga rifles. After the assault on the shop the criminal sped off in a car. While chasing the car to apprehend him two police officers received fatal gunshot wounds. When police attempted to arrest the criminal near one of the central malls of the city, the criminal blew up a grenade in an allegedly suicide bombing attempt killing yet another road police officer in the blast,” the official statement says.

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