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Petrol tank truck explodes near Rixos hotel in Almaty 27 июня 2013, 13:07

The whole block is in flames and more the 10 cars have caught fire as a result of the explosion. Things kept exploding in the area for some time after the accident.
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A petrol tank lorry has exploded near Rixos hotel in Almaty at the crossing of Seifullin and Kabanbay Batyr streets, STV channel reports. The whole block is in flames and more the 10 cars have caught fire as a result of the explosion. Things kept exploding in the area for some time after the accident. The police has cordoned off the block, Tengrinews.kz reports. There is a fire near RealSport sports shop, several stories of #138 Kabanbay Batyr residential building are on fire as well. Smoke is issuing from the windows. Rescuers and firemen are evacuating the residents. A fire ladder is used to evacuate residents of upper stories. More than 10 fire brigades are already at the accident site and more fire engines keep arriving. ©instagram/maniac_kz According to witnesses, the petrol tank lorry was driving along Seifulliun street in the northern direction when it crashed into an offroader before the crossing of Kabanbay Batyr street. As a result of the traffic accident the petrol caught fire and the tank lorry drove off the road to the nearby apartment building setting the entrance to the ground floor sports shop on fire. The fire started expanding to poplar trees near Rixos hotel. The hotel’s staff is all out extinguishing the trees. The flaming petrol is flowing down a canal on Seifullin street between Kabanday Batyr and Bogenbay Batyr streets. The fuel has flowed as far as 250 meters down Seifullin street and the flames have damaged the nearby bus stop. > Chief doctor of Emergency Hospital of Almaty Birzhan Ospanov said that there were no reports of any victims of the fire as of 10:45 and no one from the accident site was delivered to the hospital. But a witness of the accident told Tengrinews.kz that at 10:01 he saw the petrol tank truck catch fire. The driver of the truck was shouting for help. People who were nearby tried to get him out of the truck but the door got stuck. Then the petrol flared and the people had to back away leaving the driver in the truck. According to Deputy Mayor of Almaty Yuriy Ilyin the petrol tank truck belongs to Helios company. He said that around 40 apartments were on fire. 40 residents had been evacuated and 8 rescued by firemen. Rescue teams continued searching the apartment building. ©tengrinews.kz ©tengrinews.kz The Deputy Mayor added that the company or persons responsible for the accident would have to compensate the damages. The city authorities also promised to render aid. Helios company that owns the truck has refused to comment the situation. Residents of the apartments that have burnt down will be temporarily placed in a nearby school that is located on block away from the accident site on Nauryzbay Batyr street. According to Governor of Almaly region of Almaty city Serik Kusinov tents have been put up and hot catering is already available for them at the school grounds. Emergency services are finishing the fire quenching operation. Kusainov said that only 20 apartments out of the estimated 40 experienced any serious damage. “All the residents are alive. None have been injured. We have been able for evacuate them in an organized way. They will receive compensations in line with the law after we finish inspecting the apartments. Damages will be calculated and a special commission will made a decision on the payments”, Kusainov said.
Video: youtube.com/Rustem Karymov

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