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VIDEO: Car on fire at Almaty fueling station 01 августа 2011, 16:38

Mercedes-Benz Smart suddenly caught fire right at a fueling station in Almaty. Other cars started pulling off immediately. The fuel station's worker, 19, fought the fire and prevented the explosion.
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The burnt Mercedes-Benz Smart ©Tengrinews.kz The burnt Mercedes-Benz Smart ©Tengrinews.kz
A Mercedes-Benz Smart suddenly caught fire right at a fueling station in Almaty, Tengrinews.kz reports referring to its sources in the Emergency Department of Almaty. One of the workers of the station, Mr. Kokeshev, 19, tried to beat down the fire and push the car away from the station to avoid a massive explosion. He indeed managed to prevent the explosion, but received second degree burns of his face and hands. The incident happened at Royal Petrol fueling station at Baitursynov street when the Mercedes-Benz Smart owner pulled over to fill-in her tank on July 27. The flame quickly blazed up and other cars waiting for their turn to fuel started pulling off. After the fire was extinguished the fueling station continued operating. There is no information about what caused the car to catch fire. The young fuel station worked in the only person injured in the accident. “We don’t even known why the fire started. The fueling station worker was taken away by doctors, later he came back. Besides the Emergency Department of Almaty the incident is being investigated by the company that owns the fueling station. The burnt fueling gasoline pump has not been restored yet, because of the investigation,” the source said. The investigation is expected to be completed in 10 days. According to Aleksandr Kuznetsov, deputy head of the Emergency Department of Almaty, the fire was extinguished before firefighters arrived. “The fire was extinguished by Mr. Kokeshev, than is when he got the burns. The young man is indeed a fine fellow, he was acted fast and started extinguishing the fire immediately after the car caught fire,” Kuznetsov said. The Emergency service received the information about the fire at the fueling station at 7:24 p.m. “Our firefighting team was at the site in four minutes at 7:28 p.m. The cause and the amount of damage will be known after the expert examination in 10 days’ time,” Kuzentsov said.

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