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Kazakhstan crews at second stage of Аbu Dhabi Desert Сhallenge-2013

added: 16 April 2013, 18:51


The crew of Denis Berezovskiy and Aleksei Nikizhev showed the best result among Kazakhstan teams. The racers drove the 250km route in 5 hours 22 minutes and 48 seconds and finished the stage at the 14th place. Kanat Shagirov and Aleksander Moroz got to the finish 40 minutes later and were ranked 19th. The crews of Aidyn Rakhimbayev-Gabdulla Ashimov and Bauyrzhan Issabayev-Stanislav Podolyanuk were ranked 16th and 17th, correspondingly. Nani Roma and Michel Perin won the stage. They are now leading in the general standing, while Berezovskiy and Nikizhev are ranked 12th, Shagirov and Moroz 17th, Issabayev-Podolyanyuk 18th and Rakhimbayev-Ashimov 19th.
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