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Climber captures video as Japanese volcano erupts

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Climber captures video as Japanese volcano erupts

An eyewitness has managed to capture the eruption of the Mount Ontake volcano in central Japan that started without warning this Saturday at noon, Tengrinews reports.The video posted by Kuroda Terutoshi on Youtube has had more than 6 million views.

Dark clouds of ash suddenly replaced the sunny day that climbers were enjoying.

One of the hikers that were not far from the epicenter managed to make a video of the beginning of the volcano’s eruption. In the video, one can see how fast the volcanic ash approaches the climbers.

They started descending to escape the huge grey cloud speeding up towards them, but in just one minute, the volcanic ash reached them and filled the air forcing the climbers to lean to the ground.

Japanese volcano erupted on Saturday noon without warning leaving around 250 hikers trapped at the slope. Fortunately, they got down safely by Saturday night.

On Sunday, the police reported that at least 31 people were found near the summit of a Japanese volcano in a state of cardiac arrest, term used to describe a person showing no signs of life. On the same day doctors confirmed the first four deaths.

Mount Ontake volcano located 120 miles west of Tokyo last erupted in 1979.

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