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Photo © REUTERS Pegging or no pegging: tenge in new monetary policy Experts believe, the financial sector of Kazakhstan has not reached a complete freedom from pegging to the US dollar.
24 ноября 2015
©REUTERS Devaluation vs revaluation of Tenge: Kazakhstan keeps fingers crossed Kazakhstan awaits 'a new decision' about the tenge exchange rate, fears a new devaluation and keeps its fingers crossed.
05 сентября 2014
Walk this way, says China's heavy metal shoe maker A Chinese factory worker says walking in huge iron shoes weighing more than 200 kilograms each can cure back pain, but faces hefty competition in his bid to build the country's heaviest footwear.
10 декабря 2013
The online transaction value on Alipay, an online payment system of China's leading e-commerce retailers and ©Reuters China Singles Day online shoppers spend almost $6 bn Chinese shoppers spent a record 35.0 billion yuan ($5.7 billion) at the country's biggest online marketplaces on Singles Day, their operator said Tuesday, after the festival created by e-tailers to persuade the loveless to console themselves with retail therapy.
13 ноября 2013
China seeks world role for 'people's money' With deals from London to Singapore, China is seeking a greater role for its yuan currency in global markets to challenge the hegemony of the almighty dollar.
06 ноября 2013
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