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29.05.2015 14:15 Science, Technologies
Kazakhstani scientists have developed a wound dressing from cattle tissue.
12.07.2014 10:42 Unrest
Thirteen Palestinians have been killed in Israeli air strikes on the Gaza Strip early Saturday, bringing the toll on the fifth day of violence to 118, medics said.
30.06.2014 13:16 Politics
A journalist with Russian public television has been shot dead in east Ukraine where pro-Moscow separatists are battling Ukrainian forces, the media worker's employer Channel One said.
25.06.2014 13:03 Unrest
Four makeshift bombs exploded within minutes of each other at three Cairo metro stations during morning rush hour on Wednesday, wounding at least two people, Egyptian police said.
12.06.2014 10:31 Politics
An Israeli air strike killed a Palestinian man in Gaza on Wednesday after rocket fire from the territory prompted Israel's premier to warn he holds Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas responsible.
23.05.2014 10:55 Unrest
One man died and about 10 others were injured in Istanbul during violent clashes between police and protesters Thursday, officials said, in the latest eruption of anger against the Turkish government.
17.05.2014 13:22 Unrest
Libyan forces loyal to a rogue general, vowing to flush "terrorists" out of Benghazi, clashed with former rebel Islamist groups in the eastern city Friday, killing 24 people and wounding some 150.
06.05.2014 13:49 Unrest
Six people were wounded in a knife attack at a Chinese train station Tuesday, police said, after a string of violent episodes at transport hubs authorities blame on "terrorists" from the restive region of Xinjiang.
04.05.2014 13:54 Unrest
At least three people were killed and several others wounded Saturday in twin attacks in Kenya's restive coastal city of Mombasa, officials said.
29.04.2014 17:04 Unrest
Mortar shells slammed into central Damascus on Tuesday, hitting a technical institute in a barrage that killed 12 people and wounded 50, state media reported.
19.04.2014 17:05 Unrest
The United Nations Security Council expressed "outrage" Friday and demanded the South Sudan government prevent attacks on its bases and civilians in the war-torn country after dozens of people were killed.
18.04.2014 14:40 Unrest
Clashes in Algeria's restive Kabylie region between security forces and youths opposed to Thursday's presidential election wounded around 70 people, local sources said.
28.03.2013 16:46 Emergencies
There are no serious concerns about the health of the injured Red Cross worker, her life is not in danger: Kazakhstan Ministry.
27.03.2013 21:36 Emergencies
Gunmen on a motorbike wounded a Red Cross worker from Kazakhstan when they shot at her vehicle in Yemen's capital.
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