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Wound dressing from cattle tissue developed in Kazakhstan 29 мая 2015, 14:15

Kazakhstani scientists have developed a wound dressing from cattle tissue.
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Photo courtesy of cppmns.ru Photo courtesy of cppmns.ru

Effective biological wound dressing based on cattle tissue has been developed at the National Research Center of Oncology and Transplantation in Astana, Tengrinews reports citing the press service of JSC National Center for Scientific and Technical Information.

The biological wound dressing is made from animal tissue. Cells are first removed from the animal tissue and then the remaining biological frame is used to make the dressing.

"The remaining frame of connective tissue cause almost no rejection. This base of collagen and elastin with particles of silver has antimicrobial action, while with growth factors and human fetal fibroblasts added the dressing contributes to faster regeneration of the damaged tissue it is applied to," said the chief specialist of the center, combustiologist Kabylbek Abugaliyev.

Animal experiments have shown that such biological wound dressings reduce mortality and accelerate wound healing. The use of the dressings for burns and trophic ulcers produced good clinical results.

This project was given a priority status and funded from the state budget. In addition to doctors, it involved scientists from the National Center for Biotechnology of Kazakhstan and the Institute of Nuclear Physics. Abugaliyev explained that at the moment Kazakhstan had no domestic production of bio-dressings. However, this technology was patented and is ready to be employed in production.

The wound dressing from animal tissues was presented at the II Dialogue Platform of Science and Business Investing in Science - Knowledge-Based Economy Drivers on May 27 in Almaty.

By Dinara Urazova, editing by Tatyana Kuzmina

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