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Hong Kong police dismantle 'biggest' WWII bomb Hong Kong police on Friday successfully dismantled the largest World War II bomb yet found in the city after its discovery on a construction site prompted the evacuation of 2,260 people.
07 февраля 2014
Robert Capa in color lights up New York Robert Capa was one of the world's most renowned photographers covering 20th century war and politics, and a new exhibition showcases his dazzling work in color, much of it forgotten.
01 февраля 2014
Japan PM Abe visits Yasukuni war shrine Japan's nationalist Prime Minister Shinzo Abe paid tribute at Tokyo's controversial Yasukuni war shrine on Thursday, in a move Beijing condemned as "absolutely unacceptable".
26 декабря 2013
Alan Turing. Photo Courtesy of Britain pardons gay 'father of computing' Alan Turing Britain on Tuesday granted a posthumous pardon to Alan Turing, the World War II code-breaking hero who committed suicide after he was convicted of the then crime of homosexuality.
24 декабря 2013
Churchill's London bunker welcomes wannabe WWII spies Deep in the bowels of London's Churchill War Rooms, shadowy figures are learning how to defuse bombs, crack codes and rooting out hidden microphones.
28 октября 2013
Cui Tiankai. Photo courtesy of China: Japan defeated not only by atomic bombs Japan should realize it was defeated in 1945 "not just" by atomic bombs and thus not challenge the post-World War II order.
09 октября 2013
French, German leaders in historic visit to WWII massacre site French President Francois Hollande and German counterpart Joachim Gauck pay a landmark visit to the ghost village of Oradour-sur-Glane where 642 people were massacred by Nazi troops during World War II.
04 сентября 2013
Solomons peacekeeping force pulls back after 10 years The largest military operation in the Pacific since World War II wound up in the Solomon Islands on Wednesday after a decade working to end deep-seated ethnic violence in the poverty-stricken nation.
25 июля 2013
©RIA NOVOSTI Stalin police criticism sparks anti-Semitism row in Russia A explosive comparison made by a liberal Russian politician between Stalin's agents and Hitler's secret police has provoked a storm of abusive criticism in Russia that has been tinged by anti-Semitism.
24 мая 2013
Majority reject Japan mayor on comfort women: poll A large majority of Japanese people disagree with a high-profile politician who said women forced to provide sex during World War II were a military necessity.
21 мая 2013
Russia flexes military muscle on Victory Day Fighter jets screamed over Red Square and heavy tanks rumbled over its cobblestones Thursday as Russia flexed its military muscle on the anniversary of its costly victory over Nazi Germany in World War II.
10 мая 2013
©REUTERS Swedish Holocaust hero made honorary Australian Australia paid tribute on Monday to Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg, who saved thousands of Jews during World War II, by making him the country's first honorary citizen.
16 апреля 2013
Proud Russia remembers Stalingrad 70 years on The city of Volgograd was renamed Stalingrad for a day Saturday as Russia marked the 70-year anniversary of a brutal battle in which the Red Army defeated Nazi forces and changed the course of World War II.
03 февраля 2013
©REUTERS DNA test sheds light on mystery deaths A new DNA test can restore at least part of the identity of long-dead people who left no trace of their image.
14 января 2013
Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Photo courtesy of Canada strips citizenship of alleged Nazi war criminal Canada has stripped citizenship from a Ukrainian-born man it is seeking to deport for alleged ties to a Nazi killing squad in World War II.
31 декабря 2012
Asian student survivors of Hiroshima to be honoured Hiroshima University said Thursday it would bestow honorary doctorates on three former students from Southeast Asia who survived the 1945 atomic bombing of the Japanese city.
28 декабря 2012
Japan airport reopens with WWII bomb still there A huge World War II bomb uncovered near a busy runway was underneath a shield of concrete and sandbags on Wednesday as flights resumed at an airport in northern Japan.
01 ноября 2012
©REUTERS WWII bomb found near Japan runway halts flights A huge unexploded World War II bomb has been found buried near the runway of one of Japan's busiest regional airports, forcing all flights to be cancelled Tuesday.
30 октября 2012
The bodies of 520 recently identified victims of the Srebrenica massacr is buried on July 11. ©REUTERS Muslims fear Serb win in Srebrenica vote will complete genocide Muslims from Srebrenica, the site of Europe's worst atrocity since World War II, fear a Bosnian Serb win in Sunday's local polls would represent "the final step of a genocide".
04 октября 2012
Nazi air raid bunker hosts new Berlin art show Art patrons Christian and Karen Boros have thrown open the doors this week to their own personal World War II air raid bunker in Berlin, showing off gems from their 700-work collection.
19 сентября 2012

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