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03.02.2015 12:33 Politics
The widow of former Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko told that her husband had suspected Vladimir Putin of being involved in "criminal conduct".
13.05.2014 13:54 Cinema, Music
The widow of the man who was driving a sports car when it crashed, killing him and "Fast and Furious" star Paul Walker last year, is suing Porsche.
27.10.2013 10:02 Politics
The widow of the former Yugoslav leader Tito will be buried in a Belgrade mausoleum on Saturday with full state honours as the last symbol of the communist federation that broke up in the 1990s.
18.01.2013 15:29 Crime
The widow of a victim of the US theater massacre is suing a psychiatrist for neglect, for failing to have the alleged shooter arrested despite him having "fantasized about killing a lot of people."
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