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©Turar Kazangapov International observers impressed with high voter turnout in Kazakhstan presidential election International observers from the CIS have shared their impressions about the presidential election in Kazakhstan.
27 апреля 2015
©Turar Kazangapov Crowding, boxer and Internet: presidential election in Kazakhstan This year's election in Kazakhstan will be remembered for crowding due to high voter turnout, the use of social media and Internet, and an unlikely celebrity observer at one of Astana's polling stations.
27 апреля 2015
©Tengrinews Experts explain high voter turnout in Kazakhstan's presidential election Two experts explained high voter turnout in the Kazakh presidential election and the choice made by the people of Kazakhstan.
27 апреля 2015
Photo © Preliminary election results: Nazarbayev leads with 97.7% Nursultan Nazarbayev has gathered 97.7% votes in the presidential elections according to the preliminary data of the Central Election Commission of Kazakhstan.
27 апреля 2015
©Turar Kazangapov Prominent political figures of Kazakhstan cast their votes Prominent political figures of Kazakhstan have cast their votes in today’s presidential elections.
26 апреля 2015
©Turar Kazangapov Kazakhstanis urged to take active part in elections Chairman of the National Commission for Control over Elections Nurlan Yerimbetov urged Kazakhstanis to take an active part in the upcoming elections in Kazakhstan on April 26.
22 апреля 2015
Photo courtesy of 70 percent voter turnout expected at Kazakhstan elections in Almaty Voter turnout for the upcoming presidential elections is expected to be at 70 percent, according to the Information and Analysis Center in Almaty.
18 апреля 2015
©Yaroslav Radlovsky Political awareness survey to be conducted in Kazakhstan Sociological survey in Kazakhstan will focus on the upcoming electio to learn of voter's political awareness and preferences.
21 марта 2015
Tengri and Bouri. Photo  courtesy of Best mascot design chosen for EXPO-2017 Tengri and Bouri have been chosen as the best contenders for the EXPO-2017 mascots.
22 августа 2014
Photo courtesy of Swiss turn down world's highest minimum wage Swiss voters on Sunday rejected a proposal to introduce the world's highest minimum wage, which would have guaranteed every worker in one of the world's priciest nations at least $25 an hour.
19 мая 2014
Caption from Tengrinews TV video Renaming Kazakhstan to get rid of ‘stan’ ending: opinions President Nazarbayev proposed to rename Kazakhstan to Kazakh Eli to get rid of the ‘stan’ ending and make the name more authentic for the Kazakh culture.
26 февраля 2014
Tajiks set to elect strongman leader for fourth term Voters in Tajikistan, the poorest state in the former USSR, were set Wednesday to hand President Emomali Rakhmon an easy victory for a fourth term at the helm of his country bordering Afghanistan.
06 ноября 2013
Australian PM's support slumps ahead of election A defiant Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd warned Monday not to write him off as a new poll showed his popularity slumping barely three weeks away from elections.
19 августа 2013
PM Abe wins big in Japan upper house poll Voters handed Prime Minister Shinzo Abe a thumping victory in upper house elections Sunday, exit polls showed, likely ushering in a new period of stability for politically volatile Japan.
22 июля 2013
©REUTERS Obama on campaign trail amid controversies President Barack Obama rallied voters Wednesday to elect fellow Democrats, defending the role of government as he faces a series of high-profile controversies.
14 июня 2013
©REUTERS/Bazuki Muhammad Malaysia braces for its closest election ever When Malaysian voters cast ballots in Sunday's general election it will be the first time in the country's history that they do so without knowing the eventual winner.
30 апреля 2013
Kuwait heads into polls at a crossroads Kuwait stands at a crossroads as voters head to the polls on Saturday for a contest being boycotted by the opposition and with little hope of restoring stability.
29 ноября 2012
Millions select Italian left's nominee for prime minister Milllions of Italian centre-left voters cast their ballots on Sunday to select a nominee for prime minister ahead of a general election next year as the country suffers through a painful recession.
26 ноября 2012
Asian Americans vote overwhelmingly for Obama President Barack Obama enjoyed soaring support from Asian Americans to win another term, a survey said Wednesday, as voters elected new faces to Congress including its first Hindu lawmaker.
08 ноября 2012
Photo courtesy of From pot to gay marriage, US voters have lots to decide From legalizing pot and gay marriage to wiping outdated segregation laws off Alabama's state constitution, US voters have a lot more to decide next month than simply picking the next president.
25 октября 2012

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