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Crowding, boxer and Internet: presidential election in Kazakhstan


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Crowding at Kazakhstan’s polling stations has been explained by extremely high voter turnout, a Tengrinews correspondent reports.

Crowding at Kazakhstan’s polling stations has been explained by extremely high voter turnout, a Tengrinews correspondent reports.

Spokesman of the Prosecutor General of Kazakhstan Nurdaulet Suindikov at a briefing in the Central Election Commission headquarters said: "There was crowding. You’ve seen the recent data, over 90% of voters participated – it is a colossal figure, we ourselves were waiting in a queue. The crowding, as you can understand, cannot be regarded as a violation of the election law, this is organisational part. This can be explained only by an extremely high voter turnout.”

One such crowding case occurred in Astana polling station, where Russian State Duma deputy and former boxer Nikolai Valuev served as observer, RIA Novosti reported. Valuev was observing the voting of presidential candidate Abelgazi Kusainov in Astana’s polling station №98.

He caused a real excitement at the polling station. The head of the CEC of Russia Vladimir Churov, who was also an observer, said: "The complexity of observation was that our group was joined by Duma deputy Nikolai Valuev at my invitation. Upon his arrival, the voting stopped and all voters, members of the commission and even foreign observers began taking photos with him."

Nevertheless, overall Churov praised the election. He noted the high voter turnout and good organization. He was particularly impressed by the electronic system of registration of citizens, whereby voters could get a certificate of residence via the Internet and electronically file an application to vote in a particular area.

"This integrated system operates throughout the country. This is something that has not yet been introduced in Russia. But sooner or later, such a system will be in place in all the countries," Churov said.

There were some problems with the voter lists, when people could not find their names on the lists. But the spokesman for the Prosecutor General’s Office said: "I think that this time the government had taken unprecedented steps to ensure that voters' lists are accurate and most complete.

"But at the same time one does not exclude that it may happen that you will not be on the list of voters. This is why there are social videos," Suindikov said adding that each voter had to adequately confirm his or her place of residence to make sure no such mistake occur.

Suindikov also commented on cases when voters posted photos of their ballots on social networks.

"A person is entitled to a real vote. If he exercised this right and wants to show his will to everyone - it is his right. But if he had been prevented from voting secretly, this would have be a violation. Therefore, we don’t see any problems or any signs of serious violations in that people demonstrated their ballots to their friends or indefinite number of people," he said.

Reporting by Renat Tashkinbayev, writing by Dinara Urazova

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