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30.07.2015 13:02 Politics
Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott said Thursday Russia's "outrageous" veto of a UN resolution to establish a special tribunal to try those who shot down flight MH17ю
03.06.2015 12:29 Politics
Britain could lose its prized EU veto on some subjects if it opts out from the commitment to "ever closer union" in the bloc's treaties under David Cameron's reform plans.
15.10.2013 18:31 Cinema, Music
Famous Brazilian songwriters -- long activists for freedom of expression -- are themselves coming under fire as they fight an attempt to overturn a law allowing celebrities to veto unauthorized biographies.
28.11.2012 14:48 Unrest
Tens of thousands of people took to the streets of Rio Monday to press Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff to veto a bill that would redistribute oil royalties in favor of non-oil producing states.
20.07.2012 14:58 Politics
Canada issued a scathing retort on Thursday after Russia and China vetoed another UN resolution to pressure the Syrian regime to rein in its crackdown on a 16-month-old rebellion.
19.07.2012 15:22 Politics
UN chief Ban Ki-moon and international envoy Kofi Annan called on the UN Security Council to take strong action on the Syria conflict ahead of a vote Thursday on a western-backed resolution calling for sanctions.
10.01.2012 14:47 Politics
Kazakhstan President vetoed the decision of the Constitutional Council on impossibility of holding the elections in Zhanaozen.
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