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Beijing's 'rat tribe' scurry from high costs underground Near Beijing's $600 million Olympic stadium, migrant worker Ye Yiwen, her husband and two children cram into a tiny underground room, sheltering from the Chinese capital's biting winter and soaring property prices.
22 января 2014
In Borneo jungle, natives stand up against Malaysian dams With a grimace on his sun-bronzed face, Borneo tribal chieftain Lenjau Tusau glares down a dirt road that vanishes into a rainforest mist, on alert for what he views as a mortal enemy.
01 декабря 2013
US drone strike kills two in NW Pakistan A US drone strike targeting a militant compound killed at least two suspected insurgents in a restive Pakistani tribal region near the Afghan border on Friday, officials said.
29 ноября 2013
©Reuters/Andreea Campeanu Tribal warfare in Sudan's Darfur kills 51: leader Two Arab tribes which have been battling off-and-on for months in Sudan's Darfur region have resumed fighting, leaving dozens dead.
28 сентября 2013
Illustration by Hungarian businessmen enhancing historic ties with Magyars descendants in Kazakhstan A Hungarian delegation taking part in a car rally called On the Path of the Ancestors arrived in Astana.
23 июля 2013
Malaysia tribal groups protest world hydro meeting About 300 Borneo tribespeople staged a protest at a world hydroelectric industry meeting in Malaysia on Wednesday to denounce dams they say are destroying forests and native ways.
22 мая 2013
Group bids to halt Paris auction of Hopi tribal artifacts Tribal peoples' advocacy group Survival International said Tuesday it had filed a court action in Paris in an effort to halt the sale of sacred objects from Arizona's Hopi indians.
11 апреля 2013
'Lost tribe' members migrate from India to Israel Fifty members of an Indian community believed to be descendants of one of the lost tribes of Israel arrived on Monday in the Jewish state, completing their immigration.
26 декабря 2012
Map of settlement of Kazakh tribes in the beginning of 20th century All good positions in Kazakhstan are held by southern clans Megapolis magazine tied to answer the question of why Kazakhstan officials keep their tribal appurtenance secret.
21 мая 2012
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