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25.12.2014 12:32 Laws, Initiatives
Majilis, a lower chamber of Kazakhstan's Parliament, has considered the Tax Treaty between Kazakhstan and Qatar to avoid double taxation.
30.05.2014 14:51 Politics
Russian President has called the Eurasian Union Treaty of Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus a deal of epoch-making significance.
29.05.2014 16:12 Politics
The president of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, Kazakhstan’s president Nursultan Nazarbayev, and Russia’s Vladimir Putin has signed the Treaty establishing the Eurasian Economic Union.
16.05.2014 16:33 Politics
President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev has signed the law ratifying the Strategic Cooperation Treaty between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.
19.11.2013 13:56 Politics
Yerevan expect to be ready for signing of the treaty to join the Customs Union and Common Economic Space in February 2014.
09.11.2013 12:41 Politics
The treat on extradition of sentenced Kazakhstan nationals from Italy has been singed this week.
11.10.2013 15:46 Health
The World Health Organization and campaigners launched a drive Friday to try to wipe out mercury in medical thermometers, a day after nations signed a UN treaty to control the toxic liquid metal.
27.09.2013 13:22 Laws, Initiatives
The UN Security Council passed its first resolution Thursday on restricting the trade in illicit small arms, but Russia refused to back the measure.