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18.11.2014 17:30 Crime
Magistrate in Malta has ruled that the criminal complaint against Rakhat Aliyev filed by two Kazakh bodyguards alleging torture cannot be investigated by Maltese police.
17.05.2014 15:58 Crime
35 torture cases have been initiated and 31 policemen convicted in Kazakhstan.
24.11.2013 19:50 Politics
Uzbekistan must halt its routine use of torture and cease reprisals against human rights campaigners who expose state abuses, United Nations monitors said Friday.
08.07.2013 12:35 Laws, Initiatives
The document is aimed at creating mechanism for prevention of tortures and other forms of illicit treatment to people in places of confinement.
26.02.2013 12:34 Unrest
Israel has called on the Palestinian Authority to rein in unrest as militants vowed revenge over the death of a prisoner whom the Palestinians allege died under Israeli torture.
20.04.2012 11:08 Laws, Initiatives
Draft law for prevention of tortures and other harsh, inhuman or humiliating treatment or punishments has been submitted to the Majilis.
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