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24.08.2015 15:13 Companies
Kazakhstan’s national airline Air Astana has raised ticket prices on international flights after Kazakhstan floated the tenge.
20.02.2015 21:33 Companies
Plane ticket prices in Kazakhstan will be lowered amid the lowering jet fuel prices in Kazakhstan.
06.02.2015 00:59 Companies
Air Astana announced a decision to lower ticket prices on domestic flights in Kazakhstan.
28.10.2014 19:49 Politics
The cost of tickets to EXPO-2017 in Astana, Kazakhstan will start at 28 euro.
09.07.2014 10:41 Crime
India's largest private company Reliance Industries said it was investigating how costly World Cup tickets it had bought ended up on the Brazilian black market.
13.06.2014 13:10 Strange News
More than 300 Chinese space enthusiasts have booked tickets costing nearly $100,000 for a five minute trip to outer space, official media reported.
20.05.2014 10:13 Sport
The still-unfinished stadium hosting the World Cup opening game on June 12 held its first official match Sunday, getting off to a shaky start after delays and deadly accidents marred its construction.
12.05.2014 16:58 Companies
Kazakhstan’s Air Astana national airline will be performing charter flights from Almaty and Astana to several South European tourist cities.
10.05.2014 10:04 Cinema, Music
Paul McCartney is to play Tokyo's Nippon Budokan Hall this month, marking his first return to the venue since appearing there with The Beatles in 1966.
19.04.2014 17:05 Sport
World Cup ticketing centers opened in Brazil on Friday allowing fans who have managed to purchase match tickets for the June 12 to July 13 extravaganza to claim them.
06.03.2014 16:53 Cinema, Music
The first episode of the new "Game of Thrones" season will be screened at a New York arena on March 20 -- two weeks before the smash show returns on HBO.
25.01.2014 13:35 Companies
Air Canada suspended ticket sales in Venezuela on Friday, adding to a rising number of airlines protesting a government devaluation of the local currency just for travellers.
18.09.2013 13:40 Entertainment, Style
The tickets to the world premier of Astana Opera will cost from 500 to 30 thousand tenge ($3.3-196).
21.08.2013 16:30 Sport
FIFA on Tuesday put more than one million tickets on sale via the internet for next year's World Cup in Brazil, as some Brazilian fans complained about the high prices.
23.07.2013 15:46 Markets
Kazakhstan Ministry of Industry and New Technologies and Kazakhstan Tourist Association has compared prices for charter flights of foreign and local airlines.
15.01.2013 17:09 Sport
Discontent among supporters over spiralling English Premier League ticket prices is mounting, as fans attempt to make their voices heard and even followers of sworn enemies join forces to call for change.
20.09.2012 18:57 Companies
Air Astana is lowering fares for domestic flights by 5 percent.
12.07.2012 18:08 Markets
The rise is related to cancellation of the 50-percent discount on air navigation services in Kazakhstan.
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