territorial waters

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12.05.2014 12:37 Politics
Southeast Asian leaders have expressed "serious concern" over territorial disputes in the South China Sea, according to a statement released Monday, amid a growing row between Vietnam and Beijing over contested waters.
31.03.2014 17:17 Military
The two Koreas traded live artillery fire across their disputed maritime border Monday, forcing South Korean islanders to take shelter a day after the North drove up tensions by threatening a new nuclear test.
13.10.2013 10:52 Politics
Venezuela on Friday said it has detained a US-operated oil exploration ship sent from Guyana in disputed waters off its coast, in a fresh border spat between the two neighbors.
14.09.2013 17:12 Politics
Four Chinese ships entered waters around islands at the centre of a bitter dispute with Japan on Saturday with no sign of a compromise seen between Asia's two largest powers.
08.08.2013 15:00 Politics
Tokyo said Thursday it summoned Beijing's envoy after Chinese government ships entered Japanese territorial waters near islands at the centre of a row between the Asian giants.
05.02.2013 10:47 Politics
Tokyo summoned China's envoy Tuesday in protest at what it says was another incursion into its territorial waters, after Beijing's ships sailed near islands at the centre of a bitter dispute.
20.01.2013 11:19 Politics
Three Chinese government ships Saturday entered Japanese territorial waters around disputed islands, Japan's coastguard said, hours after a veiled US warning to Beijing not to challenge Tokyo's control.
26.10.2012 16:14 Politics
Four Chinese government ships entered territorial waters around disputed Tokyo-controlled islands early Thursday, the Japanese coastguard said, sparking a strong protest from Japan.
24.09.2012 10:55 Military
Three Chinese government ships were in Japanese territorial waters off a disputed island chain Monday, the coastguard said, in the latest salvo of an increasingly heated international dispute.