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The Minister of Economy and Budget Planning Kazakhstan Yerbolat Dosayev.  ©Press-service of the Ministry EXPO-2017 facilities to be exempt from taxes EXPO-2017 facilities will be exempt from taxes. Kazakhstan's Tax Code, Budget Code and Special Economic Zones Law will be amended.
08 ноября 2013
©Marat Abilov Nazarbayev supports introduction of wealth tax in Kazakhstan Rich people should channel their wealth into development of the country that helped them become who they are, Nursultan Nazarbayev.
18 октября 2013
Map courtesy of Air Astana explains reasons behind registration of aircrafts in Aruba Registration of Air Astana planes outside Kazakhstan has no effect on the tax payments into the state budget: Air Astana.
02 октября 2013
Japan reports weaker August factory data ahead of tax hike decision Japan's factory output slipped more than expected in August but the government put an upbeat gloss on the data Monday, a day before Premier Shinzo Abe issues his long-awaited decision on hiking sales taxes.
30 сентября 2013
Photo by Marat Abilov© Excise tax on cigarets and alcohol to double and quadruple in Kazakhstan Kazakhstan Minister of Economy and Budget Planning Yerbolat Dossayev explained the coming raise of the excise tax on alcohol and tobacco.
20 сентября 2013
Football: Messi pays back millions to taxman - reports Barcelona star Lionel Messi and his father paid off five million euros ($6.6 million) they owed to the taxman ahead of their court appearance on tax evasion charges.
05 сентября 2013
Former Argentine President Carlos Menem. ©REUTERS/Enrique Marcarian Argentine ex-president Menem back on trial at 83 Argentina's ex-president Carlos Menem was back in court for a new trial Monday, this time for allegedly falsifying his personal tax returns.
04 сентября 2013
Photo courtesy of Kazakhstan to introduce differentiated rates of tax on real estate The country’s media reported earlier that Kazakhstan’s respective ministries seek to substantially raise taxes on cars equipped with engines of 3-4 liters.
28 августа 2013
© Yaroslav Radlovsky Drastically higher taxes on powerful cars will only be applied to 2.8% of all cars in Kazakhstan The country’s media reported earlier that Kazakhstan’s respective ministries seek to raise taxes on cars equipped with engines of 3-4 liters from the current $169 to $746 depending on the engine volume.
02 августа 2013
Italy's Berlusconi loses final appeal in landmark case Italy's ex-leader Silvio Berlusconi has lost his final appeal against a tax fraud sentence in a ruling that jolted the political establishment on Friday but left the government in place for now.
02 августа 2013
©REUTERS/Arnd Wiegmann Liechtenstein bank pays millions to settle US tax dispute Liechtenstein's oldest bank said Tuesday it would pay nearly $25 million to settle a dispute with US tax authorities over its suspected role in helping clients dodge US taxes.
31 июля 2013
China owes Hollywood millions after halting payment for films China has stopped paying Hollywood studios for its films in a dispute over a Chinese tax on movie profits.
31 июля 2013
Kazakhstan Finance Minister Bolat Zhamishev. © Kazakhstan seeks to drastically raise taxes on cars Raising the tax on cars powered by engines of over 3 liters is a tax on luxury: Finance Minister.
31 июля 2013
RIA Novosti© Kazakhstan threatens Uzbekistan with “mirror” measures in response to excessive excise tax on Kazakhstan’s products Vice Prime Minister suggested the recommendations be drafted by August 15 so that the Government could consider them by September.
30 июля 2013
G20 gets 'action plan' to fight tax avoidance The OECD has presented the G20 nations with a bold strategy to crack down on tax avoidance by corporate giants and the super rich, and so boost overstretched national budgets.
20 июля 2013
Russia finds dead lawyer guilty of tax fraud A Moscow court on Thursday convicted Russian lawyer Sergei Magnitsky of tax evasion, provoking fresh outrage more than three years after his prison death.
12 июля 2013
Spain raises taxes on alcohol, tobacco The Spanish government, which is struggling to cut one of the eurozone's largest public deficits during a double-dip recession, on Friday raised taxes on tobacco and alcohol.
29 июня 2013
Dolce and Gabbana sentenced to jail for tax dodge An Italian court on Wednesday sentenced celebrated fashion house duo Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana to one year and eight months in prison for avoiding taxes totalling 200 million euros ($268 million).
20 июня 2013
OECD report to help G8 offensive against tax evaders The OECD provided ammunition Tuesday for an expected G8 offensive against tax evasion in a report outlining how to bring about automatic sharing of financial information that would shoot a hole through banking secrecy.
19 июня 2013
Group opens up offshore bank account database online A massive database of private offshore banking entities that could be used for tax evasion was posted online for public use Friday by the muckraking group that first reported the files.
15 июня 2013

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