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23.06.2014 12:07 Crime
Around a tonne of heroin has been discovered in a warehouse near Athens and 14 people, most of them members of tanker crew, have been arrested, Greek port police said.
02.06.2014 12:03 Crime
Pirates have released an Indonesian-bound Thai tanker after stealing its oil cargo, in the latest attack in Southeast Asian waters, the International Maritime Bureau said.
29.05.2014 13:50 Emergencies
A 998-tonne oil tanker was listing off the Japanese coast Thursday after a large explosion and subsequent fire that sent towering columns of acrid smoke into the sky.
23.04.2014 11:06 Crime
Armed pirates boarded a Singapore-managed oil tanker in the Strait of Malacca, kidnapping three Indonesian crew and stealing some of the vessel's shipment of diesel fuel, the International Maritime Bureau said.
20.02.2014 21:28 Crime
A trial of the petrol truck driver involved in the massive flaring of a petrol train has started In Mangistau Oblast.
29.10.2013 21:01 Markets
The consortium has already designated the Aktau tanker to transport crude from Aktau to Baku to be further pumped to the pipeline.
18.08.2013 15:28 Politics
New Delhi and Tehran were Saturday working to resolve a dispute over the detention of an Indian oil tanker by Iranian naval guards for allegedly polluting sea waters in the Persian Gulf.
04.07.2013 11:12 Disasters
The US military on Tuesday ordered four air tankers to join fire-dousing efforts in Arizona, where firefighters were battling a still out-of-control inferno which killed 19 of their comrades.
17.10.2012 14:07 Politics
Iran's elite Revolutionary Guards have developed plans to damage an oil tanker in the Gulf to create an environmental disaster, German magazine Spiegel reported on Sunday.
16.10.2012 10:01 Crime
Seamen go on trial Tuesday over the sinking of the Prestige petrol tanker which spilt a devastating oil slick when it sank off Spain in 2002, with hundreds of plaintiffs seeking billions in damages.