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Thousands of Palestinian structures under Israeli demolition orders: UN Some 13,000 Palestinian structures in the West Bank are currently under Israeli demolition orders, leaving residents and homes "in a state of chronic uncertainty and threat".
07 сентября 2015
Netanyahu says will not allow Israel to be 'submerged' by refugees Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he would not allow Israel to be "submerged" by refugees after calls for the Jewish state to take in those fleeing Syria's war.
07 сентября 2015
Putin says Assad agrees to early parliamentary polls Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad was willing to hold early parliamentary elections and share power with the "healthy" opposition.
05 сентября 2015
Britain 'to take thousands more Syrian refugees' Britain promised to take in thousands more Syrian refugees and give 100 million pounds in extra aid, as their plight raised pressure on European leaders.
05 сентября 2015
Australian PM says IS militants worse than Nazis Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott was slammed by Jewish groups after saying that Islamic State militants in Iraq and Syria were worse than Nazis.
03 сентября 2015
Vitaly Churkin, Russia's permanent representative to the UN. ©RIA Novosti Russia holds up start of UN Syria chemical weapons probe Russia said it was considering details of how to establish a UN team to investigate chemical weapons attacks in Syria.
03 сентября 2015
Migrants using fake Syrian passports to enter EU: Frontex A market in fake Syrian passports has sprung up, particularly in Turkey, to help migrants and refugees enter the EU, the head of Europe's border agency Frontex said.
01 сентября 2015
Palmyra temple appears intact after blast: Syria official A blast rocked the ancient ruins in Syria's Palmyra on Sunday but the site's famed Temple of Bel appeared to be largely intact.
31 августа 2015
UN chief appalled by 'barbaric' attacks in Palmyra UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said he was appalled by reports that Islamic State militants had demolished a temple in Syria's ancient Palmyra.
25 августа 2015
UN aid chief 'horrified' by attacks on civilians in Syria The UN's humanitarian chief fiercely condemned attacks against civilians in Syria at a press conference in Damascus on Monday.
17 августа 2015
IS truck bomb kills at least 54 in Baghdad market A truck bombing claimed by the Islamic State group killed at least 54 people in a Shiite-majority area of Baghdad, the deadliest single attack in Iraq's capital in months.
14 августа 2015
Iran's FM, Syria's Assad discuss fight against 'terror' Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif met embattled Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in Damascus, and called on regional countries to "fight terrorism and extremism".
13 августа 2015
Lavrov slams 'unfounded claims' of Syria chemical weapons Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov warned against what he called unfounded claims that Syria has chemical weapons.
10 августа 2015
Obama sees slight opportunity for progress in Syria US President Barack Obama believes Bashar al-Assad's backers in Moscow and Tehran may see the writing is on the wall for the Syrian regime.
08 августа 2015
©REUTERS Number of people joining ISIS is decreasing: Kazakh political scientist Yerlan Karin According to Kazakhstan’s political scientist Yerlan Karin, the number of fighters that the ISIS or Daish, its Arabic acronym, is luring has been decreasing.
30 июля 2015
NATO vows solidarity with Turkey over Islamic State NATO strongly backed Turkey's fight against Islamic State militants in Syria at emergency talks.
29 июля 2015
PKK 'never respected' peace process: Turkey Turkey's foreign minister said that Kurdish rebels "never respected" the peace process with Ankara, with a ceasefire now in tatters after a series of attacks and cross-border offensives.
28 июля 2015
Malala turns 18, says world failing Syrian children Malala Yousafzai told world leaders they were failing Syria's children, as the Nobel Peace Prize winner spent her 18th birthday on the Syrian border.
13 июля 2015
UNESCO condemns IS destruction of Syria's Palmyra antiquities UNESCO condemned the destruction by Islamic State group jihadists of antiquities in the Syrian city of Palmyra.
04 июля 2015
UNESCO chief warns about jihadist 'culture cleansing' The head of the UN cultural organisation called for a campaign against the "culture cleansing" being carried out by Islamic State jihadists.
02 июля 2015

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