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08.07.2015 20:35 Sport
Kazakhstan’s swimmer Dmitriy Balandin has hauled the first gold medal for Kazakhstan at the 2015 Summer Universiade in Gwangju, South Korea.
02.10.2014 14:27 Sport
Three times champions of the Asian Games Dmirty Balandin from Kazakhstan talked about his best performance in an interview with Vesti.kz.
27.09.2014 01:06 Laws, Initiatives
Kazakhstani swimmer Dmitriy Balandin has become the champion of the Asian Games in Men's 50m Breaststroke.
25.07.2014 14:44 People
Omirzhan Oshanov, a 53 y.o. resident of Zhanatan village in Pavlodar Oblast, swam for 10 hours to commemorate the upcoming 70th Victory Day.
18.01.2014 14:20 Religion
Lifeguards have shared tips and warnings about ice swimming.
01.09.2012 15:37 Sport
US swimmer Bradley Snyder on Friday won gold in the men's S11 100m freestyle at the London Paralympics -- a year after losing his sight when an improvised explosive device exploded in his face in Afghanistan.
20.08.2012 13:30 People
US endurance swimmer Diana Nyad pressed on Sunday in her bid to swim from Cuba to Florida after a night of being swarmed and stung by jellyfish as she paddling through choppy seas.
19.08.2012 15:39 People
Quadruple amputee Philippe Croizon swam between islands in the icy Bering Strait Friday to cross from America to Asia in the final part of a quest to link all continents.
15.08.2012 12:37 People
Two silhouettes cut through the water a few hundred yards (metres) from a rainy, windswept beach bordering the flat grasslands near the small Inuit community of Wales, in the far west of Alaska.
06.08.2012 18:44 Sport
Togo's 13-year-old swimmer Adzo Kpossi, the youngest competitor at the London 2012 Olympics, trains in a hotel pool and wears costumes bought on sale at the market.
02.08.2012 16:30 Sport
An Australian mentor of Chinese swimming sensation Ye Shiwen has slammed claims her Olympic achievements were fuelled by drugs, saying he was "100 percent certain" the teenager was clean.
12.04.2012 18:13 Sport
Two Kazakhstan swimmers qualified for 2012 Paralympics.
26.03.2012 14:50 Sport
Russian Olympics synchronous swimming champion Anastassiya Yermakova is training Kazakhstan team prior to the London Olympic Games.
18.05.2011 13:46 Sport
Australian great Ian Thorpe said Wednesday he was starting to look like a swimmer again following gruelling high altitude training in Switzerland.
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