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Sudan floods kill 36: state radio Flooding has killed 36 people in a region north of Sudan's capital Khartoum.
12 августа 2013
Obama warns Africa's 'tyrant' leaders US President Barack Obama warned Sunday that Africa could only fulfill its rising potential with leaders who serve their people, not tyrants who enrich themselves.
02 июля 2013
Rebels barring access to Sudan conflict zones: UN Rebels battling government forces in two southern states in Sudan are holding up relief and medical supplies into areas they control.
21 июня 2013
UN says refugees, displaced at two-decade high War and other crises drove one person from their home every 4.1 seconds in 2012.
19 июня 2013
©REUTERS US 'disappointed' by Sudan order to shut pipline The United States said Monday an order by Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir to shut down an oil pipeline carrying South Sudanese crude was "deeply disappointing".
12 июня 2013
Sudan freezes oil and security deals with South Sudan on Sunday put on hold nine security and economic pacts with South Sudan, including on vital oil shipments, but said Khartoum remained committed to good relations if Juba ended support for rebels.
11 июня 2013
US accuses Iran of surge in 'terrorism' The United States on Thursday accused Iran of sponsoring "terrorism" at a level unseen in decades and said that the separate threat from Al-Qaeda has been significantly degraded.
31 мая 2013
©REUTERS/Mohamed Nureldin Abdallah Fear and anger follow Sudanese rebel strike Fear and anger on Sunday followed a Sudanese rebel strike on a major town residents said had been left unguarded and was hit during coordinated attacks in the insurgents' most audacious act in years.
29 апреля 2013
Sudan says S. Sudan oil exports to resume by end May South Sudanese oil will be shipped again from Sudan by the end of May, official media said on Saturday, after a shutdown of more than a year which cost both impoverished nations billions of dollars.
07 апреля 2013
Muslim states agree to 'historic' UN statement on women Muslim and western nations on Friday overcame deep divisions to agree a historic United Nations declaration setting out a code of conduct for combatting violence against women.
16 марта 2013
Sudan attacks in Darfur breach sanctions: UN Sudan breached UN sanctions by using warplanes and rockets bought from Belarus and Russia in the Darfur conflict, according to UN experts who have called for a tightened embargo.
04 марта 2013
©REUTERS US urges talks to end decade-old Darfur war The United States on Tuesday marked 10 years of war in Darfur, warning that without political talks the Sudan region may face another decade of the devastating conflict.
27 февраля 2013
US ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice. ©REUTERS US calls for 'unconditional' Sudan talks with rebels The United States on Thursday called on Sudan to hold "unconditional" talks with rebels battling government forces in two strife-torn states where the UN says thousands are close to starvation.
27 января 2013
Sudan, South Sudan meet to push security, oil deals The rival presidents of Sudan and South Sudan met for face-to-face talks Saturday to push forward stalled security, oil and border deals, and discuss the fate of the contested Abyei region.
06 января 2013
Photo courtesy of Sudan jails 4 for life for killing Chinese: media Four Sudanese have been sentenced to life in prison for killing a Chinese worker in oil-producing South Kordofan, state-linked media reported on Monday.
26 декабря 2012
Issam and Devincci Hourani. Photo courtesy of Palestinian authority suspected of lobbying for Rakhat Aliyev’s relatives US intelligence has established that Yasser Abbas worked with Devincci Hourani to pursue deals in Sudan for Caratube International Oil Company.
19 декабря 2012
Six hurt in Sudan protests over student deaths: AFP Six people were injured on Sunday as Sudanese police clashed with hundreds of protesters showing support for four dead students originally from the conflict-plagued Darfur region.
10 декабря 2012
Iran warships dock in Sudan: witness Two Iranian warships docked in Port Sudan on Saturday, a witness said, marking the second port call by the Iranian navy in Sudan in five weeks.
08 декабря 2012
Sudan disrupts security 'plot'; tanks seen in street Sudan's powerful intelligence service on Thursday said it had disrupted a "plot" to disturb the country's security, as a witness saw tanks moving in the streets of the capital.
23 ноября 2012
Reform hopes seen dashed at Sudan Islamist meet Calls for change by Arab Spring-inspired reformers in Sudan will likely be ignored when thousands of government-linked Islamists begin meeting on Thursday.
14 ноября 2012

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