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22.11.2012 09:59 People
Millions of South Koreans face commuter chaos Thursday with bus drivers set to launch a national strike to protest against a bill recognising taxis as public transport.
17.11.2012 10:00 Politics
Israel's air strikes on the Gaza Strip have heightened the tensions surrounding the Palestinian bid for observer membership at the United Nations planned for later this month.
16.11.2012 12:23 Unrest
Israeli war planes carried out multiple new air strikes on the Gaza Strip, including several hits on Gaza City on Friday morning.
14.11.2012 12:45 People
The UN's top human rights official Wednesday described a hunger strike by refugees banished by Australia to the remote Pacific as a sign of the "unbearable conditions" of their detention.
12.11.2012 16:42 Unrest
Israel has warned the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas that it will strike with "ever-growing intensity" in response to the latest barrage of rocket attacks into the Jewish state.
08.11.2012 10:01 Finance
Greek lawmakers vote Wednesday on austerity measures needed to unlock international aid and stave off bankruptcy despite strikes and public anger against billions more euros in tax hikes and pension cuts.
06.11.2012 17:43 Politics
The daughter of Ukraine's jailed opposition leader Yulia Tymoshenko said she cannot talk her out of her hunger strike and wakes every day fearing for her mother's life.
06.11.2012 13:30 Politics
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he was ready to order a strike on Iran's nuclear facilities "if necessary", in an interview aired by Channel Two television on Monday.
29.10.2012 11:57 People
The Turkish government is under increasing pressure over how to tackle a hunger strike by hundreds of Kurdish prisoners across the country as the protest nears its eighth week and their health deteriorates.
27.10.2012 11:57 Politics
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the White House on Wednesday downplayed reports that a Libyan group claimed responsibility on Facebook for the deadly strike on the US consulate in Benghazi.
12.10.2012 16:19 Politics
Cuba has released Jorge Vazquez Chaviano, a dissident whose case sparked a hunger strike by 30 protesters last month, though he remains under "many restrictions," he told AFP.
06.10.2012 16:41 Unrest
Pakistan cricket star turned politician Imran Khan leads Western peace activists and local loyalists on a highly publicised rally to Pakistan's tribal belt Saturday in protest against US drone strikes.
06.10.2012 14:16 Unrest
Thousands of workers have gone on strike at a Foxconn plant in China making components for Apple's iPhone 5, a labour rights group said Saturday.
04.10.2012 12:43 Companies
A leading gold mine in South Africa started evicting thousands of its striking workers from company dormitories on Tuesday as work stoppages spread to more gold and platinum mines.
20.09.2012 10:47 Companies
Lonmin platinum mine workers in South Africa on Tuesday ended their strike in return for pay rises of up to 22 percent, after a nearly six-week standoff that claimed 45 lives.
20.09.2012 10:24 People
Dissident Martha Beatriz Roque called it "a victory for the Cuban people ... and democracy" when the communist government bowed to the demands of hunger strikers Tuesday and freed a political prisoner.
19.09.2012 16:10 Education
Chicago school teachers voted Tuesday to end a high-profile strike that affected hundreds of thousands of children and sparked an acrimonious stand-off with Mayor Rahm Emanuel.
12.09.2012 10:21 Unrest
Marta Beatriz Roque, the 67 year-old "Iron Lady" of Cuban dissidents, began a hunger strike Monday to protest conditions that opponents to the Communist regime face on the island.
07.09.2012 17:57 Unrest
A 24-hour strike called by Lufthansa cabin crew at German airports got under way Friday, the company said -- the latest in a series of work stoppages in a dispute over pay and conditions.
07.09.2012 10:02 Unrest
German flag-carrier Lufthansa said it would cancel two-thirds of its Friday flights after a cabin crew union announced a 24-hour stoppage at six major airports.
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