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04.04.2013 12:56 Unrest
Cyprus bank workers are to go on strike Thursday over fears pensions may be at risk under the country's crippling bailout, after the new finance minister vowed to do "whatever it takes" to right the economy.
03.04.2013 16:28 Unrest
Israeli aircraft carried out apparent warning strikes in the Gaza Strip early Wednesday, hitting empty fields after a militant rocket earlier struck waste ground in southern Israel.
02.04.2013 14:57 Military
The United States has positioned a destroyer off the coast of South Korea to defend against a possible missile strike.
30.03.2013 13:28 Unrest
His body ravaged and weakened by a 50-day hunger strike staged in protest at alleged mistreatment of Korans at Guantanamo jail, Abd al-Malik Abd al-Wahab has a message for his loved ones.
29.03.2013 12:37 Politics
North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un ordered preparations Friday for strategic rocket strikes on the US mainland and military bases after US stealth bombers flew training runs over South Korea.
14.03.2013 11:07 Laws, Initiatives
Lawyers for detainees at Guantanamo prison called for the US to show concrete steps towards closing the facility on Tuesday, citing a "humanitarian crisis" at the controversial jail.
12.03.2013 18:41 Unrest
Detainees at the Guantanamo Bay prison camp have launched a hunger strike to protest interference with their personal effects, including Korans.
06.03.2013 18:22 Military
American forces could launch a deadly drone strike against a target on US soil if there was an "extraordinary circumstance".
05.03.2013 11:54 Crime
Malaysian fighter jets launched air strikes on a defiant group of Filipino intruders Tuesday as security forces sought to end a three-week incursion that has already killed 27 people.
26.02.2013 18:53 Unrest
A rocket fired from the Gaza Strip landed early Tuesday near Ashkelon in southern Israel, police said, in the first such strike since a November truce.
20.02.2013 17:17 Companies
Over 150 employees of Keppel Kazakhstan went on strike in Aktau requesting a salaries raise.
18.02.2013 18:51 Unrest
Thousands of women refused Monday to bury victims of a bloody bombing and a strike shut down Pakistan's biggest city Karachi as protesters across the country demanded protection for Shiite Muslims.
08.02.2013 13:02 Military
President Barack Obama's choice to run the CIA defended drone strikes as a vital "last resort" against Al-Qaeda militants, despite criticism from senators about the veil of secrecy surrounding the raids.
08.02.2013 11:55 Unrest
Tunisia faces a general strike Friday, with tens of thousands expected to take to the streets after the murder this week of a leftist opposition leader that sparked violent clashes with police.
07.02.2013 16:05 Military
In a reversal, President Barack Obama will allow lawmakers access to secret documents outlining the legal justification for drone strikes that kill US citizens abroad who conspire with Al-Qaeda.
28.01.2013 18:16 Companies
Striking workers of Si Bu Engineering Drilling Company went back to work after a successful meeting with their oblast's Governor.
04.01.2013 17:25 Crime
The FBI suspected that US-born Al-Qaeda cleric Anwar al-Awlaqi, killed in a 2011 drone strike in Yemen, could have bought air tickets for three of the 9/11 hijackers before the attacks.
05.12.2012 18:41 Industry, Infrastructure
Negotiators have reached a tentative agreement to end a week-long strike crippling the key US ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach.
04.12.2012 12:54 Politics
Egypt's top judges began an open-ended strike on Monday as anger mounted over a power grab by President Mohamed Morsi and a new constitution drafted by an Islamist-leaning council.
30.11.2012 10:22 Unrest
In less than 24 hours, rebels used surface-to-air missiles to strike down two aircraft in northern Syria, marking a turning point in their war with forces of President Bashar al-Assad.
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