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03.04.2014 22:48 Politics
Lebanese politician and former Prime Minister Fouad Siniora named Kazakhstan a prime example for other Muslim countries in his letter to President Nazarbayev.
23.03.2014 12:51 Internet
The organizers of the EXPO-2017 have presented a plan for the online marketing strategy of the upcoming exhibition in Astana.
24.01.2014 21:15 Politics
Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev and ex-Prime-Minister of the United Kingdom Tony Blair have had a meeting in Swiss Davos.
14.01.2014 11:08 Military
Barack Obama insisted Monday he had faith in the Afghan war mission after former Pentagon chief Robert Gates charged the president lacked passion for military action and soured on his own troop surge.
25.12.2013 18:30 Politics
Professor Robin Matthews of the Kingston Business School predicts that Kazakhstan will be among the Top 30 most developed countries by 2025.
02.10.2013 11:44 Politics
S. Korea and the United States signed a new strategic pact that provides a "tailored" deterrence against the specific threat of a nuclear attack from N. Korea.
12.07.2013 15:22 Politics
The US said it saw a "strong consensus" with China on demanding that close Beijing ally North Korea take clear steps to give up its nuclear program.
23.01.2013 20:01 Politics
Strategy-2050 is a strategy. Don’t mess it up with something else and don’t refer to 2050 in every sentence: Nazarbayev to the Government.
21.12.2012 14:19 Politics
International conference called Kazakhstan-2050 Strategy: Prospective Domestic and External Agenda was held in Astana.
18.12.2012 14:45 Politics
Many people were skeptical about Kazakhstan’s future. Foreign analysts and observers believed that Kazakhstan would most probably not be growing a sovereign state, because the country had a demanding geopolitical surrounding, complicated ethnic composition of the population and backward economy: Yerlan Idrissov.
17.11.2012 11:10 Military
US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta will outline Washington's strategic shift to the Pacific and a tentative rapprochement with Myanmar.
07.09.2012 19:09 Finance
The European Central Bank announced a massive sovereign bond buy up Thursday, brushing aside German opposition to unleash a so-called "big bazooka" against the debt crisis.
06.09.2012 19:01 Markets
China's upcoming political changes represent a breakthrough chance to boost its economy by accelerating reforms and fostering innovation, a European business group said Thursday.
16.07.2012 14:20 Politics
Tunisia's ruling Islamist Ennahda party stressed its "centrist" and "moderate" position, in a resolution adopted Sunday, the fourth day of its first congress at home in 24 years.
13.07.2012 09:53 Politics
Tunisia's ruling Islamist party Ennahda holds its first congress at home in 24 years on Thursday, seeking to clarify its strategy against a backdrop of political and religious tensions in the country.