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Turkish politician compared Nazarbayev to Ataturk 21 декабря 2012, 14:19

International conference called Kazakhstan-2050 Strategy: Prospective Domestic and External Agenda was held in Astana.
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Photo courtesy of press-service of Majilis office Photo courtesy of press-service of Majilis office
Turkish politician compared Nazarbayev to Ataturk, Tengrinews.kz reports citing the press-service of Kazakhstan Majilis office referring to former speaker of the Turkish Grand National Assembly Hikmet Çetin as saying at the international conference called Kazakhstan-2050 Strategy: Prospective Domestic and External Agenda in Astana. “One of the participants of the international conference former speaker of the Grand National Assembly, ex-Foreign Minister of Turkey who was the first to visit Kazakhstan after acknowledgement of its independence by Turkey Hikmet Çetin tagged Kazakhstan President a pride of the Turkic world, comparing Nursultan Nazarbayev to Ataturk,” the press-service wrote. “Today Kazakhstan is an example of economic and social development. And this is a huge merit of Nursultan Nazarbayev. Such persons as President Nazarbayev appear at the junction of eras. He always has his own vision and his own strategy. The new strategy (Kazakhstan-2050 Strategy) is another sign of the far-sightedness and wisdom of your Leader,” Çetin said. Other participants of the conference stressed the importance of the Strategy-2050 not only for Kazakhstan, but for the whole global community. According to German Bundestag deputy Manfred Grund, Germany does not have a similarly good partnership relations with any other Central Asian countries except Kazakhstan. “The new political course announced by the President covers the global directions that affect not only Kazakhstan and not only Central Asia, but the whole world. The new strategy once again shows the outstanding personality of the country’s Leader, his ability to look into the future,” the press-service cited Grund. According to Russian colleagues, none of the post-Soviet countries has such a long-term strategy. “Even Russia has strategies for some sectors only until 2030, 2040. Wisdom and will of Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev allow to make a quality jump, define tasks, theses and principles that Kazakhstan will pursue in the nearest 50 years. This long-term program will help define the relations with Kazakhstan for many decades to come. I have to say that we have something to learn from Kazakhstan today,” deputy of Russian State Duma Oleg Savchenko said. “Delimitation alone is worth talking about: 14 thousand kilometers of borders in 21 years of independence. That means that each meter complies with the actual situation and not a single meter of the border is being disputed,” Russian political expert and head of academic department of Moscow State Linguistic University Alan Kassayev stressed. European experts participating in the conference also noted that Europe was actively discussing Kazakhstan President’s State-of-the-Union Address to the people of Kazakhstan and it was taken positively. “And not only within the European Union, but in Germany as well. This is a continuation of the Strategy-2030, the Path to Europe program and it provides for consolidation of the society,” German political expert Michael Laubsch noted.

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