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08.12.2014 14:52 Environment
Przewalski's horses will be brought from the Nuremberg Zoo to Kazakhstan in Spring 2016.
25.11.2014 14:48 People
A teenager from a remote Kazakh village has survived four days in the steppe with no food or water. He spent the days on horseback, just like the nomads of the times long past.
12.11.2014 12:50 Cinema, Music
All ethnic music enthusiasts can now purchase tickets for the presentation concert of the two-disc edition of The Spirit of Tengri-2014.
16.03.2013 12:52 Science, Technologies
Three astronauts returned safely to Earth from the International Space early Saturday, aboard a Russian capsule which landed on the freezing Kazakhstan steppe.
24.09.2012 18:28 Emergencies
Kazakhstan’s Agriculture Ministry has calculated the damage caused by fires in 9 months of 2012.
21.09.2012 14:46 Emergencies
Steppes caught fire in Sarkand region of Almaty oblast.
17.09.2012 13:38 Science, Technologies
A woman took command of the International Space Station for only the second time Monday as three US and Russian colleagues made a safe return from the orbiting space lab to the Kazakh steppe.
18.04.2012 13:45 Disasters
Forest fires are becoming more frequent in Kazakhstan.
16.03.2012 16:53 Emergencies
Semei rescue groups helped a group of Chinese scientists out of snowy steppes.
05.07.2011 13:43 Emergencies
A fire erupted in Aksai area of Kyzylkuginsky region of Atyrau oblast. The fire covered 400 hectares. No casualties have been reported.
14.06.2011 12:34 Kazakhstan
Paleontologist Yevgeniy Yepanchev says that Kazakh steppe has come into existence as a result of the fall of two huge meteorites.