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Brazil confronts Kerry over alleged US spying Brazil warned US Secretary of State John Kerry on Tuesday that failure to resolve the row over Washington's electronic spying could sow mistrust between the two countries.
14 августа 2013
Brazil's Foreign Minister Antonio Patriota. ©REUTERS/Andres Stapff Brazil's military regime spied on neighbors : report Brazil's 1964-1985 military dictatorship spied on its Latin American neighbors and feared a conflict with Argentina, a Sao Paulo daily reported Sunday, citing declassified armed forces documents.
12 августа 2013
Snowden's father has visa to visit Russia: lawyer The father of fugitive intelligence leaker Edward Snowden has obtained a visa to visit his son in Russia.
12 августа 2013
Brazil to raise alleged US spying during Kerry visit next week Allegations of US electronic spying in Brazil will be raised when US Secretary of State John Kerry visits the country next week.
09 августа 2013
Obama scraps Moscow summit with Putin US President Barack Obama on Wednesday scrapped a Moscow summit with Russia's Vladimir Putin.
08 августа 2013
Obama 'disappointed' with Russian asylum for Snowden President Barack Obama said Tuesday he was "disappointed" by Russia's decision to grant asylum to Edward Snowden, the former intelligence contractor who leaked details of vast US surveillance programs.
07 августа 2013
LatAm nations express surveillance 'indignation' to UN Latin American bloc Mercosur reiterated Monday to the United Nations its indignation over US espionage practices revealed by Edward Snowden.
06 августа 2013
US fumes as Russia grants Snowden asylum Fugitive US intelligence leaker Edward Snowden on Thursday stepped out of the Moscow airport where he was marooned for over five weeks.
02 августа 2013
©REUTERS/Carlos Barria Huawei lashes out at ex-CIA chief over spying claims Chinese telecoms giant Huawei has hit back at allegations by a former CIA chief that the company spies for Beijing, labelling them "defamatory" and "baseless".
02 августа 2013
Snowden's father to visit Russia 'soon': lawyer Edward Snowden's father is seeking a Russian visa and plans to visit his fugitive son in Moscow soon.
01 августа 2013
Manning a traitor, not a whistleblower: US prosecutor US soldier Bradley Manning betrayed his country by passing secret files to "information anarchists" at WikiLeaks and knew Al-Qaeda would see the documents online, a prosecutor said Thursday in closing arguments.
26 июля 2013
Michael Hayden. ©REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst Huawei spies for China, says ex-CIA chief The former head of the United States' Central Intelligence Agency Michael Hayden said Friday it "goes without saying" that Chinese telecoms giant Huawei spies for Beijing.
20 июля 2013
Russia-US ties 'more important' than Snowden scandal: Putin President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday said Moscow's relations with Washington outweighed the "squabbles" over a spying scandal revealed by US fugitive Edward Snowden, who has applied for asylum in Russia.
17 июля 2013
©REUTERS/Ueslei Marcelino Brazil calls US explanation of its alleged spying 'insufficient' Brazil said Washington had not sufficiently responded to Brasilia's request it explain the alleged US electronic spying disclosed by rogue intelligence leaker Edward Snowden.
17 июля 2013
US, China clash over Snowden but see trade progress The United States reprimanded China for not handing over fugitive leaker Edward Snowden, but the two powers saw progress elsewhere in ties including on reaching an investment treaty.
12 июля 2013
Latin America demands answers from US on spying From its neighbor Mexico down to Argentina, Latin American nations are demanding answers from the United States after a report of vast US spying on close allies and leftist critics alike.
11 июля 2013
Photo courtesy of Everybody spies on everybody: ex-intel officers Europeans may express outrage over revelations of US spying but they know perfectly well how the espionage "game" is played -- everybody spies on everybody.
03 июля 2013
Snowden asylum requests sent to 21 countries: WikiLeaks Fugitive US intelligence analyst Edward Snowden has submitted asylum requests to 19 more nations including Cuba, Venezuela, Brazil, India, China, Russia, Germany and France.
02 июля 2013
US intelligence targeted Italy and France embassies: report France, Italy and Greece were among 38 "targets" of spying operations conducted by US intelligence services, according to documents leaked to the Guardian newspaper by fugitive former CIA operative Edward Snowden.
01 июля 2013
Obama says no 'wheeling and dealing' over Snowden US President Barack Obama insisted Thursday he would not let the fate of fugitive intelligence leaker Edward Snowden ruin ties with Russia and China, but Washington warned Ecuador not to give him asylum.
28 июня 2013

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