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iPhone spyware spotlights Israel's secretive surveillance industry The discovery of sophisticated spyware to infiltrate and remotely take control of iPhones put a spotlight on Israel's surveillance industry.
29 августа 2016
Chinese officials under investigation for selling data Hundreds of employees at China's top statistics bureau are being investigated after selling data.
28 апреля 2016
Spielberg flick brings Soviet spy story to life The true story of the unassuming Brooklyn insurance lawyer who secured the release of a captured American pilot from the Soviet Union marks Steven Spielberg's latest bid for Oscar glory.
15 октября 2015
Litvinenko widow says UK inquiry has uncovered 'truth' The widow of a Russian ex-spy fatally poisoned in London said she believed a British judge-led inquiry had uncovered the "truth" into his death as it heard its final submissions.
01 августа 2015
Netanyahu 'looking forward' to US release of spy Pollard Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu welcomed news of the impending release of Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard after 30 years in a US prison.
29 июля 2015
Rousseff puts spy scandal behind her with US visit Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff arrives in the United States for a long-delayed visit, looking to shore up economic ties.
27 июня 2015
US wiretapped France's presidents: media citing WikiLeaks The United States wiretapped France's former presidents Jacques Chirac and Nicolas Sarkozy, as well as current leader Francois Hollande, French media reported, citing WikiLeaks files.
24 июня 2015
Merkel defends cooperation with US spy agency German Chancellor Angela Merkel insisted her country needed to work with American intelligence agencies, in the wake of claims Berlin helped the US spy on EU leaders and companies.
05 мая 2015
Germany spied on French and EU officials for US: report German intelligence services spied on top French officials and the European Commission on behalf of the American spy agency NSA.
30 апреля 2015
Litvinenko thought Putin was linked to crime: widow The widow of former Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko told that her husband had suspected Vladimir Putin of being involved in "criminal conduct".
03 февраля 2015
Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich.  ©RIA Novosti Moscow blasts US spy arrest as part of 'anti-Russian campaign' Moscow blasted the United States over the arrest of an alleged Russian spy, condemning the move as a "provocation".
28 января 2015
US spies link Litvinenko killing to Kremlin: report US spies intercepted communications between the chief suspects in the murder case of Russian former spy Alexander Litvinenko.
24 января 2015
©Reuters/Ina Fassbender US spy agencies spent nearly $68 bn in 2014 US spy agencies spent nearly $68 billion in fiscal year 2014, about the same level of spending on intelligence gathering in the previous year.
31 октября 2014
©Reuters/Chris Helgren Google's Schmidt fears spying could 'break' Internet Google's Eric Schmidt said on Wednesday US online spying is a threat so dire it could wind up "breaking the Internet."
09 октября 2014
Afghan president lifts ban on expelled US reporter A New York Times reporter expelled from Afghanistan and accused of having links to spy agencies will be allowed to return.
06 октября 2014
Mobile app spyware developer indicted on US charges The head of a Pakistani company which created an app called StealthGenie allowing users to spy on other people's mobile devices.
30 сентября 2014
Pierce Brosnan. ©REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni Ex-007 Brosnan back as spy in new action thriller Former 007 star Pierce Brosnan returns to the world of guns and spies in "The November Man."
27 августа 2014
German secret service 'spied on Hillary Clinton': reports The German secret service listened in on at least one of Hillary Clinton's telephone calls when she was US secretary of state.
16 августа 2014
Spy chief warns Australians becoming 'extremist propagandists' Australians are becoming key players in the successful "social media wars" being waged from Iraq and Syria, the country's spy chief has warned.
13 августа 2014
©Reuters/Ina Fassbender Berlin asks embassies to name secret service agents in Germany: report Berlin has asked all foreign diplomatic missions to provide names of secret service agents working in Germany.
09 августа 2014

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