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©RIA Novosti There are no ultimatums in Russia's note on Baikonur: Kazakhstan Foreign Ministry Kazakhstan and Russia are in a normal negotiations process on further cooperation at Baikonur cosmodrome and there is no need to make a boom over this issue: Foreign Ministry.
24 января 2013
Proton-M rocket carrier. ©RIA Novosti Russia presented Kazakhstan with ultimatum over Baikonur Russian Interior Ministry has delivered an official note to Kazakhstan regarding the situation with the use of Baikonur cosmodrome.
24 января 2013
US scientists find evidence of ancient Martian lake A US spacecraft orbiting Mars has provided evidence of an ancient crater lake fed by groundwater, adding further support to theories that the Red Planet may once have hosted life.
21 января 2013
US, Europe team up for moon fly-by The US and European space agencies announced a new partnership Wednesday pairing a European cargo module with NASA's Orion space capsule, which aims to take astronauts into deep space.
18 января 2013
Mars rover readies first rock drilling The Mars rover Curiosity will soon begin to drill into the Red Planet for the first time, mission officials said Tuesday ahead of the highly anticipated endeavor.
17 января 2013
©REUTERS S. Korea satellite rocket launch set for Jan 30-Feb 8 South Korea will make another bid at the end of this month to put a satellite in orbit and gain entry to an elite global space club that includes Asian powers China, India and Japan.
16 января 2013
©REUTERS Russia plans replacement for Soyuz rocket Russia's struggling space agency has unveiled a new multi-billion-dollar plan that will see the development of a replacement for the ageing Soyuz rocket by 2020.
15 января 2013
Kazakhstan Foreign Ministry. Photo by Danial Okassov© Kazakhstan Foreign Ministry commented on the situation around Baikonur Just as before, Kazakhstan counts on expansion of its participation in the space activities of Baikonur cosmodrone, development of its space potential: press-service.
11 января 2013
'17 billion' Earth-sized planets in Milky Way: study The Milky Way contains at least 17 billion planets the size of Earth, and likely many more, according to a study out Monday that raises the chances of discovering a sister planet to ours.
08 января 2013
'Black Beauty' could yield Martian secrets A fist-sized meteorite nicknamed "Black Beauty" could unlock vital clues to the evolution of Mars from the warm and wet place it once was to its current cold and dry state.
04 января 2013
Three astronauts blast off for ISS in Russian craft A Soyuz spacecraft carrying Russian, American and Canadian astronauts blasted off on Wednesday from the Baikonur cosmodrome in Kazakhstan bound for the International Space Station (ISS).
20 декабря 2012
Baikonur cosmodrome. ©RIA Novosti KazKosmos Head’s remarks over Baikonur distorted by journalists: Foreign Minister According to him, It would be unwise on Kazakhstan’s part to lose the opportunity to closely cooperate with such a full-fledged space power as Russia.
19 декабря 2012
NASA probes set to smash into Moon NASA will smash two tiny probes into the Moon on Monday after they spent months gathering data from orbit miles above the lunar surface.
14 декабря 2012
Hubble plumbs the universe, yields images of early galaxies The Hubble Space Telescope is giving scientists a look at the oldest galaxies ever seen, dating back some 13.3 billion years -- providing a glimpse into how the cosmos must have looked right after the Big Bang.
14 декабря 2012
©REUTERS/Shamil Zhumatov There should be no surprises or ultimatums around Baikonur: Moscow Russian government called the recent statement of the head of Kazkosmos Talgat Mussabayev “a personal interpretation of the negotiations".
11 декабря 2012
Rocket launch from Baikonur cosmodrome. ©RIA Novosti Russia hopes changes to the Baikonur lease agreement will be introduced only after 2050 Earlier Head of KazKosmos National Space Agency announced that Kazakhstan and Russian are working out a new agreement to gradually edge away from lease-based relations over the Baikonur cosmodrome.
11 декабря 2012
Talgat Mussabayev. Photo by Yaroslav Radlovskiy© Kazkosmos to sell satellite images to French Kazakhstan National Space Agency Kazkosmos plans to sell images made by its Earth remote sensing system to French companies.
10 декабря 2012
Baikonur cosmodrome. ©RIA Novosti Kazakhstan and Russia may edge away from lease-based relations over the Baikonur cosmodrome Baikonur town may be transferred under the Kazakhstan’s jurisdiction, according to KazKosmos Head.
10 декабря 2012
Russia works to fix satellite's off-target orbit Russian scientists were working to correct the orbit of a communications satellite Sunday after it failed to reach its designated location in space -- the latest setback for the country's once-pioneering space industry.
10 декабря 2012
New company aims to send humans back to the moon Two former top NASA officials unveiled plans Thursday to sell manned flights to the moon by the end of the decade, in an announcement 40 years after the last human set foot there.
08 декабря 2012

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