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Photo courtesy of Kazakhstan taekwondo team signs up foreign athletes Taekwondo athletes from South Korea and Turkey may soon join Kazakhstan's taekwondo national team.
03 сентября 2014
Dethroned Myanmar beauty queen seeks apology before returning crown A Myanmar beauty queen dethroned for alleged misconduct said she would only return her crown if South Korean pageant organisers apologised
02 сентября 2014
©Reuters South Korea's Samsung and LG unveil new smartwatches South Korea's Samsung and LG unveiled new smartwatches with upgraded functions and design.
28 августа 2014
Kia to open $1 billion car assembly plant in Mexico South Korean carmaker Kia Motors on Wednesday announced plans to build its first auto assembly plant in Mexico.
28 августа 2014
Five dead, five missing after heavy rain hits S. Korea Five people have been killed and five others are missing after heavy rains pummelled the southern part of South Korea.
26 августа 2014
Instant noodles carry health risks for women: study Women who eat instant noodles at least two times a week face a greater risk of high blood pressure, elevated blood sugar and high cholesterol.
22 августа 2014
Kim Yuna and Denis Ten. Photo courtesy of Denis Ten to collaborate with Kim Yuna Kazakhstani figure skater Denis Ten will be working with All That Sports company created by Ice-Skating Queen Kim Yuna and her mother Park Mee-hee.
21 августа 2014
Pope makes plea for Koreas to unite as 'one people' Pope Francis urged the divided Koreas to reject suspicion and confrontation and unite as "one family, one people".
18 августа 2014
'What would we die for?' Pope asks at mass for Korean martyrs Pope Francis beatified 124 early Korean martyrs at a mass in Seoul and challenged the crowd to ask what values they might be willing to die for.
16 августа 2014
Film on 1597 victory against Japan breaks Korean records A film depicting a famous 16th century naval victory against Japanese invaders has set records at the South Korean box office.
16 августа 2014
Samsung to buy US tech firm SmartThings Samsung said it had reached a deal to buy a US home automation startup SmartThings.
15 августа 2014
Thousands mark Moon death anniversary in S. Korea More than 20,000 followers of the Unification Church gathered in South Korea for the second anniversary of the death of their "messiah" .
12 августа 2014
S. Korea: Catholicism's unlikely Asian pillar The visit of the Pope Francis will recognise the vicious persecution of early Korean Catholics.
11 августа 2014
Nomad. Photo courtesy of Kazakhstan-made Nomad SUVs find way to Russia via SsangYong Motor Nomad SUVs manufactured in Kazakhstan will be exported to the Russian market through SsangYong Motor Company.
11 августа 2014
 ©Reuters/ Mal Langsdon China tells Seoule message apps blocked to curb terrorists China has confirmed its decision to block popular foreign messaging services as an anti-terrorist measure.
07 августа 2014
Two frontline soldiers commit suicide in S. Korea South Korea's military confirmed the apparent suicides of two army privates, raising fresh questions over the deployment of young conscripts in frontline units after a deadly shooting spree last month.
29 июля 2014
©Reuters/Issei Kato Student survivors testify in Korea ferry trial Teenaged student survivors of South Korea's ferry disaster began giving video testimony under tight security Monday in the murder trial of the vessel's captain and crew.
28 июля 2014
©Reuters/Kim Hong-Ji S. Korean police slammed over ferry tycoon's body South Korea's police force was pilloried as doltish and incompetent Wednesday after announcing that a body found six weeks ago was that of a fugitive tycoon at the heart of a months-long manhunt.
23 июля 2014
S. Korea police find body of fugitive ferry owner South Korean police said Tuesday they had found the body of the fugitive business tycoon who headed the family operating the Sewol ferry which sank in April with the loss of around 300 lives.
22 июля 2014
The winners of Grand K-pop Festival 2014 Mad Man ©Aizhan Tugelbayeva Winners of K-pop Festival in Almaty get to go to South Korea Grand K-pop Festival 2014 was held in Almaty. Mad Man band won the Grand Prix and will go to South Korea.
19 июля 2014

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