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Winners of K-pop Festival in Almaty get to go to South Korea 19 июля 2014, 15:42

Grand K-pop Festival 2014 was held in Almaty. Mad Man band won the Grand Prix and will go to South Korea.
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The winners of Grand K-pop Festival 2014 Mad Man ©Aizhan Tugelbayeva The winners of Grand K-pop Festival 2014 Mad Man ©Aizhan Tugelbayeva

Grand K-pop Festival 2014 was held in Almaty. Mad Men band won the Grand Prix of the Festival. Tengrinews reports. 

Now, Mad Men band consisting of eight people will go to the International Festival in South Korea, where they will represent Kazakhstan. The band exists for a little over one year. The performers do not have a chief choreographer; each participant get to bring features of his own into the dance.

"Emotions are just going wild. We have not slept for a couple of days, because we were preparing. Last year we participated in the festival and took the second place. This year, when we saw the list of participants, we thought we had no chance. All the participants were very good and very well prepared. We were very excited when we heard that we won, " the band'd leader Ruslan Hwang said.

In the qualifying stage, around 100 teams competed in cover song, cover dance and Mix (song and dance) categories. Alisher from Almaty won the solo nomination, Black D band won the cover dance, and Question band got the Mix.

K-pop is a musical genre originating in South Korea. It involves a wide variety of audiovisual elements - electro pop, hip-hop, dance music and contemporary rhythm and blues.

There are more than five thousand fans and participants of this movement in Almaty. They all enjoy Korean music and study Krean culture and language.

Reporting by Aizhan Tugelbayeva, writing by Assel Satubaldina, editing by Tatyana Kuzmina


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