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Thousands marry in 'Moonie' mass wedding Thousands of Unification Church members were married in a mass wedding in South Korea -- only the second such event since the death of their "messiah" and controversial church founder Sun Myung Moon.
12 февраля 2014
Japan PM as unpopular as Kim Jong-Un: S. Korea poll With Seoul-Tokyo relations at their lowest ebb for years, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is as unpopular with South Koreans as North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un.
12 февраля 2014
©Reuters/Jacky Chen N. Korea scraps US envoy's invite as tensions mount Tensions tightened on the Korean peninsula Monday, as North Korea cancelled a US envoy's visit over a jailed Korean American, and Seoul and Washington set dates for military drills denounced by Pyongyang.
10 февраля 2014
Samsung Electronics' Galaxy S4 and Apple's iPhone 5 . ©Reuters/Kim Hong-Ji US drops antitrust probe of Samsung over patents US Department of Justice officials on Friday dropped an antitrust investigation into whether Samsung abused essential mobile gadget patents in its ongoing battle with Apple.
09 февраля 2014
North, South Korea meet for talks on family reunions North and South Korea were set to hold talks Wednesday on resuming reunions for families separated by the Korean War -- an emotive issue that Pyongyang has been accused of exploiting as a bargaining chip.
05 февраля 2014
©Reuters/Athit Perawongmetha S. Korea cleans up after oil spill South Korea's coastguard said Monday it would take at least two weeks to clean up the shoreline fouled by an oil spill off the southwestern port of Yeosu.
04 февраля 2014
Lee Seok-Ki (C), lawmaker of opposition United Progressive Party. ©Reuters/Lee Jae-Won S. Korea prosecutors seek 20 years in MP sedition trial South Korean prosecutors demanded a 20-year jail term for a leftist lawmaker on trial for allegedly plotting an armed revolt in support of North Korea.
03 февраля 2014
©Reuters/Kim Chang-Gil/Korea Pool S. Korea presses North to take action on family reunions South Korea Thursday called on North Korea to honour its promise to hold a reunion of families from the two countries who have separated for decades, after days of silence by Pyongyang.
30 января 2014
S. Korea vows harsh penalties for data leaks South Korean regulators Wednesday vowed harsh corporate penalties for data theft, as angry customers swamped credit card offices for a third day after 20 million people had their financial information stolen.
22 января 2014
Photo courtesy of S. Korea to spend $1.5 bn on 5G 'movie-in-a-second' service South Korea, already one of the most wired countries on earth, Wednesday announced a 1.6 trillion won ($1.5 billion) plan to set up a next-generation 5G wireless service quick enough to download full-length films in a second.
22 января 2014
Photo © Rakhat confectionary Lotte Confectionery of South Korea buys the rest of the shares in Almaty-based Rakhat confectionary Experts don’t rule out that Lotte bought all the shares with a possible delisting in mind.
21 января 2014
©Reuters/Kim Hong-Ji Hyundai starts work on world's biggest container ships South Korean shipbuilder Hyundai Heavy Industries has started construction on a Chinese order for the world's largest container ships.
20 января 2014
China's biggest mobile firm starts Apple iPhone sales China Mobile, the country's biggest services provider, on Friday started selling Apple's iPhone to its millions of customers nationwide, ending a six-year wait in a key market for the US technology giant.
18 января 2014
South Korea's Defense Ministry spokesman Kim Min-seok. ©Reuters/Kim Hong-Ji S. Korea rejects North's warning over military drills South Korea on Thursday rejected North Korean warnings to call off scheduled joint military exercises with the United States and vowed "severe" retaliation to any provocation from Pyongyang.
16 января 2014
©Reuters/Lee Jae-Won 1,500 N. Koreans escape to South in 2013: ministry More than 1,500 North Koreans fled to South Korea last year, maintaining a recent fall in the number of escapees that coincided with a clampdown by new leader Kim Jong-Un.
13 января 2014
©Reuters/Yuya Shino Most China execs say cannot work with Japan firms: poll About 60 percent of Chinese corporate leaders say they cannot do business with Japanese firms because of thorny relations between the two countries.
09 января 2014
Park proposes new family reunions with N. Korea South Korean President Park Geun-Hye on Monday proposed fresh reunions of families separated by the Korean War after a previous bid was cancelled by Pyongyang, and promised increased humanitarian aid to the impoverished North.
06 января 2014
Photo © Marat Abilov Bolashak Scholarship to shift gears to Journalism and Cultural Studies together with BBC In 2014 the scholarship is having two new categories - Media and Cultural Studies - that include journalism, cinematography, TV journalism and other similar majors.
26 декабря 2013
Japan PM Abe visits Yasukuni war shrine Japan's nationalist Prime Minister Shinzo Abe paid tribute at Tokyo's controversial Yasukuni war shrine on Thursday, in a move Beijing condemned as "absolutely unacceptable".
26 декабря 2013
Kim urges N. Korea military to bolster combat readiness North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un has urged the country's military to bolster its combat readiness, saying a war could break out "without any prior notice", state media reported Wednesday.
25 декабря 2013

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