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Two-thirds of Australians overweight: study Two-thirds of Australia's adult population are overweight or obese, a key study found Monday, with rates continuing to climb despite a drop in smoking and drinking.
29 октября 2012
Photo courtesy of Women smokers who quit before 40 gain nine years in lifespan Women can add nine years to their lives by quitting smoking before the age of 40 but still face a 20-percent higher death rate than those who never smoked.
27 октября 2012
Photo courtesy of Smoking in cars beats UN pollution threshold Smoking in cars raises levels of dangerous fine-particle pollutants to many times the limit recommended by the world's health agency.
17 октября 2012
Swiss voters say no to tightening of smoking ban Two-thirds of Swiss voters rejected a referendum Sunday to tighten a smoking ban, to the relief of hotels and restaurants, while two cantons split in a vote over keeping tax breaks for rich foreigners.
24 сентября 2012
©REUTERS/Jonathan Alcorn Tobacco use entrenched in developing countries: study Tobacco use is massively entrenched in developing countries, where one of the biggest worries is the rise of smoking among women.
18 августа 2012
A woman holds a packet Winfield cigarettes. ©REUTERS/Daniel Munoz Australia says no plan for total smoking ban Australia said Thursday it has no plans to ban smoking after a key court ruling allowing cigarettes to be sold in plain packets, describing the health battle against tobacco as "one step at a time."
16 августа 2012
Quitting smoking adds even more pounds than thought: study Quitting smoking leads to an average weight gain of four to five kilogrammes (nine to 11 pounds) in the first year -- "significantly" more than previously thought.
11 июля 2012
Photo by Dmitry Khegai© PHOTO: Almaty women exchanged cigarettes for flowers Almaty women were offered to exchanged their cigarettes for flowers.
10 марта 2012
Kazakhstan residents spend $1 billion a year on smoking Residents of Kazakhstan spend $1 billion for sigarettes annually: Luigi Cervezato.
12 августа 2011
"Smoking causes impotence" warning on the cigarette pack PHOTO: Kazakhstan tries to frighten off smokers with impotence and cancer Kazakhstan Ministry of Public Healthcare is reviewing the options of daunting images approved by EurAzEC to appear on cigarette packs by 2012.
23 июня 2011
25,000 die from smoking every year in Kazakhstan Press-conference timed to the World No Tobacco Day was held in Astana to discuss statistics of tobacco consumption in Kazakhstan.
01 июня 2011
Photo by Vladimir Dmitriyev© PHOTO: Don't smoke when I'm near A flash-mob timed to the World No Tobacco Day was held on May 28 in Almaty.
30 мая 2011

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