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20.03.2014 12:42 Entertainment, Style
A Hollywood skin-care expert boasting celebrity clients including Jennifer Aniston and Nicki Minaj pleaded not guilty Wednesday to plotting to have a business rival killed.
05.12.2013 11:50 Health
A drug used to treat advanced breast and colorectal cancers has been linked to sometimes fatal skin reactions in patients, its Swiss manufacturer and Canadian health officials said Wednesday.
22.11.2013 16:06 Cinema, Music
Australian actor Hugh Jackman revealed Thursday that he had been treated for skin cancer, posting a picture of himself with a plaster on his nose.
27.10.2013 11:47 People
Looking to find a husband, make friends, and get ahead at work? Then you need to have lighter skin. That's the all-pervasive message in India.
09.01.2013 17:41 Science, Technologies
Getting pruney fingers from soaking in the bath is an evolutionary advantage, for it helps us get a better grip on objects under water.
07.08.2012 15:45 Science, Technologies
Kazakhstan biotechnologists have tested the innovative method of artificial skin for treatment of burns and non-healing wounds on patients.
03.08.2012 13:09 Health
Scientists said Friday they had developed a revolutionary "spray-on skin" treatment for venous leg ulcers -- a common ailment involving a shallow, open and stubborn wound on the ankle or lower leg.
25.07.2012 18:05 Health
Sunbed users run a 20 percent higher risk than non-users of developing skin cancer, according to a report that blamed some 800 melanoma deaths in Europe every year on indoor tanning.