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Kazakhstan scientists tested artificial skin on patients 07 августа 2012, 15:45

Kazakhstan biotechnologists have tested the innovative method of artificial skin for treatment of burns and non-healing wounds on patients.
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Kazakhstan biotechnologists have tested innovative method of artificial skin for treatment of burns and non-healing wounds on patients, Director General of the National Biotechnologies Center Yerlan Ramankulov told Tengrinews.kz. The medication was created in 2011. Then it was tested on ten patients with different burns in the State Scientific Center of Emergency Medical Aide. The use of artificial skin helped double the speed of healing. Moreover, this method helps save the lives of those with extensive burns who suffer from lack of donor skin. The technology is based on creation of fibroblasts (skin cells) from a small piece of a donor’s or the patient’s skin. It is the ability of cells to reproduce themselves that allows small wounds heal independently. So the biotechnologists worked out a method of accelerated reproduction of such cells in laboratories. Ramankulov said that the technology allows to treat extensive and deep burns of third and fourth class, ulcers and long-healing wounds, major skin defects and scars. This medicine is made in the form of a spray. It is sprayed on the wound to achieve fast and equal coverage of the wound with fibroblasts that helps effective healing. The scientists hope that the innovative technology of cell therapy will be in demand in Kazakhstan hospitals. According to many analysts, the global market of cell therapy will intensely grow in the nearest future. This Kazakhstan’s technology is fully ready for introduction into medical practices. By Dmitriy Khegai

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