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17.02.2016 16:07 Sport
Olympic medallist and defending champion Denis Ten withdrew due to injury from the Four Continents figure skating championships in Taipei.
17.02.2016 15:26 Sport
Olympic medallist Denis Ten from Kazakhstan will face tough competition at the Four Continents figure skating championships in Taipei.
18.11.2015 18:51 Sport
Figure skater from Kazakhstan Elizabeth Tursynbayeva, 15, finished 7th at Skate Canada International ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating.
18.10.2015 20:25 Sport
15-year-old figure skater representing Kazakhstan Elizabeth Tyrsynbaeva has come first among ladies at the Skate Canada Autumn Classic.
17.10.2015 16:46 Sport
Kazakhstani figure skater Denis Ten is training for the upcoming season in the USA.
22.09.2015 20:39 Sport
15-year-old figure skater from Kazakhstan Elizabeth Tursynbayeva has taken the second place at the US International Figure Skating Classic.
01.04.2015 02:19 Sport
Kazakhstani figure skater Denis Ten has won the bronze medal of the ISU World Figure Skating Championships 2014 in Shanghai.
30.01.2015 18:37 Cinema, Music
A video capturing Medeu high-mountain skating rink located in Almaty from a bird's eye view has appeared on the Internet two days ago.
15.01.2015 09:32 Sport
Kazakhstani figure skater Elizabet Tursynbayeva, 14, has won a tournament in Poland.
12.01.2015 11:31 Sport
The Akimat of Almaty (municipal authorities) has unveiled the draft layout of the Olympic venues.
09.12.2014 13:26 Sport
The bronze medalist of the Sochi Olympics Denis Ten has become the winner of the 47th Golden Spin of Zagreb in Croatia.
03.12.2014 18:48 Sport
Kazakhstani figure skater Elisabeth Tursynbayeva, 14, has won the NRW Trophy 2014 in Dortmund, Germany.
15.10.2014 17:24 Sport
Best athletes in nordic sports will come to Kazakhstan in a run-up to the Winter Universiade-2017.
16.09.2014 19:59 Sport
Kazakhstan’s fugure skater, 14, Elizabet Tursynbayeva has become the bronze prizewinner at the International Skating Union (ISU) Junior Grand Prix of Figure Skating.
21.08.2014 17:20 Sport
Kazakhstani figure skater Denis Ten will be working with All That Sports company created by Ice-Skating Queen Kim Yuna and her mother Park Mee-hee.
16.08.2014 14:55 People
Kazakhstan figure skater Denis Ten has appeared on the cover of Canadian International Figure Skating magazine.
08.04.2014 14:22 Entertainment, Style
Bronze winner of the Sochi Olympics in figure skating Denis Ten from Kazakhstan is participating in the Osaka World Figure Skating Exhibition 2014 alongside Yuzuru Hanyu, the Olympic champion, and Canadian silver medalist Patrick Chan.
20.03.2014 11:45 Entertainment, Style
Heavy snowing did not stop Almaty folks from coming up to the high-altitude Medeo skating rink to celebrate the Women’s Day with music and performances organized by TengriFM and Kaspi Bank.
17.03.2014 19:15 Sport
Kazakhstan speed-skater Denis Kuzin has fallen at the finish of his favourite track during the World Cup in the Netherlands.
06.03.2014 14:17 Sport
Bronze medalist of the Sochi Olympics Denis Ten was awarded a Breakthrough of the Year by the Agency of Sport and Physical Education.
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