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29.01.2014 10:16 Industry, Infrastructure
Cuba officially opened its new Mariel "megaport" on Monday, hoping the project will put it on the map as a regional shipping hub despite scant foreign investment and the US economic embargo.
12.12.2013 14:28 Crime
Former top executives at Vietnam's scandal-hit national shipping company Vinalines went on trial Thursday for embezzlement and defying state regulations.
04.12.2013 10:00 Laws, Initiatives
France will authorise the deployment of armed guards on ships as part of anti-piracy measures, a move long sought by shipping companies, Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault said in an interview published Tuesday.
04.11.2013 13:33 Industry, Infrastructure
Kazakhstan ships might be export to the neighboring countries after the domestic demand is met.
21.08.2013 10:37 Gadgets
Apple has asked its Taiwan-based supplier to begin shipping two new versions of the iPhone next month, including a lower-cost model.
26.03.2013 20:33 Markets
There is currently a need for expansion of the ferry fleet and increase of freights transportation: Kazakhstan Transport Minister.