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Photo © IOC introduces reforms: from diminishing costs to anti-sexual discrimination The IOC introduced reforms for the next Olympics Games. Kazakhstan is bidding to host the 2022 Olympics so it can be affected as well.
11 декабря 2014
Photo . ©uralskweek. Raul Uporov Baruch to face court on June 10 for corrupting minors in Kazakhstan Peter Baruch, the British national detained in Kazakhstan's Uralsk on charges of corrupting minors, will face the court on June 10th.
03 июня 2014
©Reuters/Stringer Hundreds of Argentine kids separated from parents after sex abuse The sexual abuse of nearly 300 girls and boys in just one year in a single Argentine province led authorities to separate them from their parents, authorities said.
02 июня 2014
John Paul II sainthood a delicate issue for Mexicans Many Mexicans have mixed emotions about seeing the late pope John Paul II become a saint: they loved the man but feel he covered up sexual abuses by priests.
26 апреля 2014
©Reuters More lesbian sex please, we're British The number of British women having lesbian encounters has quadrupled in the last 20 years, according to the largest-ever survey of Britain's sexual habits which was published on Tuesday.
26 ноября 2013
Photo courtesy of Australian lodges fork in penis for sexual pleasure Shocked doctors had to perform emergency surgery on a man in the Australian capital Canberra after he lodged a 10 centimetre (four-inch) steel fork inside his penis for sexual pleasure.
20 августа 2013
Dancer says Jackson sexually abused him as child An Australian choreographer alleged Thursday that Michael Jackson sexually abused him for seven years as a child, a claim the late singer's estate described as "outrageous and sad."
17 мая 2013
S. Korea president apologises for sex assault scandal South Korean President Park Geun-Hye personally apologised Monday for an "unsavoury" incident during her US summit visit that led to the dismissal of her chief spokesman.
13 мая 2013
British cardinal apologises for sexual conduct Cardinal Keith O'Brien, who resigned last week as Britain's most senior Roman Catholic cleric, on Sunday admitted that his sexual conduct had "fallen below the standards expected of me".
04 марта 2013
Puppeteer Kevin Clash. ©REUTERS Sesame Street puppeteer denies underage sex claim The puppeteer behind Elmo on "Sesame Street" says he is taking time out from the much-loved US children's TV show to fight a "defamatory" claim he had a sexual relationship with an underage boy.
13 ноября 2012
Photo courtresy of S. Korea to crack down on sexy performance by minors South Korea authorities said Wednesday they were taking steps to curb over-sexualised performances by teenaged stars of the country's thriving K-pop scene.
18 октября 2012
Photo courtesy of Canada policewomen file sex harassment class action More than 200 policewomen and former cops have alleged sexual harassment on the job in a class action lawsuit against Canada's federal police force, with hearings beginning on Thursday.
06 августа 2012
Marilyn Monroe. Photo courtesy of Marilyn Monroe's blonde bombshell smolders on She was the prototype blonde bombshell and 50 years after her sudden death, the smoke from Marilyn Monroe's one-woman sexual revolution has yet to clear.
02 августа 2012
Photo courtesy of Peace Corps volunteer sexually abused in Karaganda oblast Peace Corps volunteer who arrived in Kazakhstan to teach English accused a resident of Saran town (near Karaganda) of a sexual abuse.
11 ноября 2011
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