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01.10.2013 14:10 Cinema, Music
An Oscar-winning filmmaker has dropped plans to make a documentary about Hillary Clinton, following protests by Republican rivals, and a planned TV miniseries about her has also been scrapped.
05.03.2013 14:51 Cinema, Music
Hollywood legend Steven Spielberg is to make a television mini-series about Napoleon, based on a screenplay by Stanley Kubrick, he told a French broadcaster.
14.01.2013 14:43 Cinema, Music
Olympians will feature a story of three friends: Ilya, Sasha and Serik, who will become Olympic champions of Kazakhstan.
24.09.2012 13:40 Cinema, Music
Spy thriller "Homeland" won best TV drama at the Emmy awards Sunday, ending retro cult show "Mad Men" four-year unbroken run, while "Modern Family" was named best comedy for the third straight year.
21.09.2012 11:41 Cinema, Music
Cult retro series "Mad Men" and comedy hit "Modern Family" are Emmys favorites again this weekend -- but a bunch of newcomers could yet produce surprises at US television's annual awards show.
25.05.2012 11:51 Cinema, Music
Producers of the 12-series "Rescuers" staring American actor Lane Davies have presented a trailer of the first episodes.
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